You've Got to Talk to Sickness! – Norvel Hayes

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  1. I went to Norvell's Bible College back before he passed away, and was very close to his daughter, Zona. She's gone to be with the Lord now, too. I was blessed to have known both of them.

  2. Christains need to adopt the character of Lester Sumrall, who is the most humble man I have ever listened to. He doesn't believe in accepting titles or praise which is good. Although we all know he was a great man of God, he would not say that about himself. He would rather you just called him brother, not Apostle, or Bishop, or Prophet or none of that stuff. It may very well be true if God called you into that office; but you should not give yourself glory of any kind by labeling yourself as such. Just food for thought, Amen

  3. Please pray for my daughter Layla the doctor says she has localized advanced skin breast cancer stage 3b grade 3. Her name is Layla. Pray she will tell it to go away. She has 3 kids to raise.

  4. I know how good his word is!! Even a STROKE!! Yes i (HAD) one , the kind that is suppose to take my life!! With Blood ever where. But,, his word, and keep on believing and change the mind. And the roots of his word grow in the heart! And get stronger and stronger and stronger, ! And stop listen to satan and wrong kind’s of ( THINKING)

  5. The name calling is not attractive. We all have growing to do. Our FATHER is so merciful and faithful. YOU are so wonderful FATHER, thank YOU for your faithfulness and TRUTH.

  6. We thank God for Jesus generosity, mercy, love, compassion & faithfulness in healing All who come to Him. In so much that, even in our unbelieve, lack of mustard seed faith etc, He will still hear us, forgive us & heal us. After all, He said I came for the unrighteous, also, the sick look for the doctor not those that feel they are well physically or spiritually.
    Like someone commented below, Yes, It is good & profitable for us to build up our faith, meditate on His word daily, own it and believe it, that's a plus and of advantage. Praise God!
    See 2Cor. 12:8-10 & Mark 9:23-25:- 23 Jesus said to him, If you can believe, ALL things are possible to him who believes. 24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with Tears, Lord, I Believe; Help My Unbelief Amen.
    *I sure hope this will help someone today, no matter your sin, confess it to Jesus as in Psalms 51 and ask Jesus to come into your heart, am praying for you too. Be Strong in the Lord Ephesians 6:10-20 Amen. Shalom. #IGWTrust!

  7. I like that ""im not asking anythng from you cancer im comanding you bec you are idiot anyway"" such a powerful statement of faith. Im blessed and build up. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amen!!! It is the time of revival [turning minds of people to the heavenly truth in Christ Jesus] before Lord's Coming to rule this earth soon (Matthew 13v39;)….. Lord & savior Jesus Christ, king of kings, is coming soon to rule this earth with Truth, righteousness, peace & in spirit freedom (Revelation 11v15; 19v6; 2 Peter 3v13; Hebrews 9v28;)……This Corona virus-plague is a sign of Lord's coming (Rev 9v21; Luke 21v11;)…It is end of evil kingdom & Start of Christ's kingdom…….Earth trembles, plague comes, etc.before the Coming of King of kings, ( Habakkukk 3v5; Matthew 24v7;)……But there are many Antichrists who are driven by evil-kingdom-around us in this world, to distract Lord's saints/chosen ones/elected ones, who are chosen by Father in heaven to live in the soon Coming Christ's kingdom (Matthew 24v24; 2 Peter 3v3; 1 Peter 5v8; )….. In these last days of evil kingdom, Antichrists are used powerfully by evil kingdom to steal, kill & destroy the everlasting life that is invested in the Heavenly children by heaven (Gospel John 10v10)……Antichrists will try to bring all evidences to prove that it is not a sign of Lord's coming, & let's don't pay attention to evil's deception&, let's be strong in Lord's promise of Coming……Unseen Evil kingdom is in fury, because it will be perishing soon, because Christ's kingdom/Heavenly kingdom is Coming soon to earth (Rev 12v12; Matthew 24v14;)……Antichrists try hard to distract the focus of Lord's elected ones from waiting upon king of kings' coming ………That is why we hear all histories of flu & epidemics of the past from many people……Evil-driven people will say, flu happened 100 years ago & many died, flu happens every 100 years, millions killed in previous years, etc. all such previous histories to distract those who are obedient & humble in Lord's commandments & promise & those desperately waiting for Lord's coming (2 Peter 3v3)……It is all deception of evil-kingdom…… Let's don't enjoy in past histories of plague & natural disasters, let's strongly & desperately desire & wait for Lord's Coming….Let's pray to Father in Heaven for His kingdom to Come to earth soon as Lord taught (Matthew 6v10; )…..Let's say "Lord, "Come"" soon (Rev22v17)……Let's spread the GOSPEL/GOOD NEWS of our King of kings' coming….Amen!!!!!


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