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Most Christians believe God CAN do anything, but they don’t believe that He HAS done very much. They live their whole Christian lives seeking, trying to get the Lord to heal, deliver, bless, and prosper them; but He’s already done it. The true key to the Christian life is to quit asking and start believing and commanding. This album will challenge your beliefs, and if accepted, it will change your life.


6:38- Andrew explains how when he first got born again God showed him that it is his spirit that changed and not his body.

7:05- It is not his body that hanged, but his spirit and God showed him who he is in Christ an what he had in Christ.

7:25- Even when he sins God does not change his attitude towards him because God is a spirit and deals with his spirit that has been sanctified, sealed and perfected forever.

8:30- He explains how God spoke to him while watching himself preach and it was really weird. But it shows that God can take what we say and amplify on it.

10:45- Adam and Eve were the crowning jewel of God’s creation and there are many scriptures that say things contrary to what a lot of people are teaching today; you know we moved so far away from scripture.

11:03- There is a lot of people that will put animals and the snail darter and all this environmental stuff above everything else. All these things were created for His pleasure and for our pleasure and we are to have dominion over them.

11:40- Today we see people that are putting animals and things ahead of people.These people pity an animal and do these things and yet they don’t respect human life.

12:17- Man was the crowning jewel and we were what God created all of this for and even though we were the focus of God’ creation he created us last. He didn’t create us first, again this is really simple but think about this if God would have created us first, we would have to tread water for three days.

13:12 – The reason that God created us last is very specific, it’s because he created all of these things for us and didn’t create us until he had already made a provision for everything that we will ever need.

14:18- God anticipated the need for the entire human race at creation. God has never created any more oxygen or food, neither has he ever created anything new. The Lord rested on the seventh day not because he was tired but because he was complete.

16:19- Hebrew 4:10 For he that has entered into the Lord’s rest has seized from his works as God did from his. God is not creating anything, he anticipated all of your needs before you ever had one.

19:18- God has already placed inside of you the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.

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