Your Words Become Your Reality | Joel Osteen

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  1. My mom is going to recover fully from her illness in the coming few months, Amen. I will also find the right lady that I will settle with and start a family. Amen

  2. Oh Lord forgive me where I trapped myself through discouraging wards,and now I prophecy success,goodness of God,blessings, productive life,long life ,fulfill my destiny like it is written up on my life,no weapon formed against me shall prosper in every circumstances victory is mine in Jesus name Amen

  3. I release my faith for jobs for me and my spouse. I believe God to pass my MBA programme. I believe for success in my children examination.. I believe God for our own house. Every mountain in my way, you are coming down, who are you? I am a child of the most high God Amen


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