You Have Power – Spiritual Warfare Vol. 3

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  1. So we got to point out errors in this. First the sons of sceva could not cast out demons in the name of Jesus because they are not believers not because they are not under authority. Second: Jesus said he has ordained you. If Bill Winston is implying you must be under another man of God before you can minister the gospel, that is not true. It is helpful if you can. But let’s not put those shackles of bondage on believers. Jesus protects you when you preach his gospel not any man or fellow minister.

  2. Lord jesus bring protection over my life by arresting spirit Man in my life and Shallow with all demonic satanic voodou gruopes that has planed evil and directed to me…… lord and thing that the kingdom of darkness Tunisie has stolen from me i recover right by the rightousness of the blood of jesus Christ of Nazareth… God father bring jugement to Tunisia kingdom of darkness and the voodou magiciens upper room …. in the milgthy name of jesus Christ of Nazareth any thing stolen for come back to me by the rightousness of the blood of jesus Christ…. I bind the kingdom of darkness. I bind the strong man of evil that has planed evil with the kingdom of darkness and directed to me… I bind Shallow and all his demons…. out of my life unclean spirit…… come out of my life forever unclean spirit…

  3. Every time I hear this man, my faith increases so much! Ever since I’ve been sowing seeds to this church my Fitness Business has been growing and growing! I apply so much of what I learn from him and I continue to see God work! God is waiting for us to apply His (God’s) teachings.


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