You Are the Corporate Temple of the Holy Spirit — Rick Renner

The Body of Christ is the corporate temple of the Holy Spirit. Join Rick Renner today to find out exactly what this means for you. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Do you know what happened when you surrendered your life to Christ and made Him the Lord of your life? You became the temple of the Holy Spirit. God Himself moved inside you and made you a brand-new creature! In this ten-part series, Rick Renner walks you through verse after New Testament verse that speaks of the wonderful transforming work God did in you the moment He moved in.

In A Life Ablaze, Rick teaches you about the ten different kinds of fuel you need to stay spiritually ablaze for years to come. As you learn about these fuels, you will discover how to throw them into the fire in your heart so you can keep burning spiritually.


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  1. Maria
    Aparecida dos Santos estou com um poema. Cero na minha vida é do meu filho. Jonatan dos
    Santos não sei o que fazer está difícil só
    Jesus que pode resovel

  2. In India there is persecution resisum discrimination no justice no freedom of speech and worship heatredness this is the demonic resist devil. I want to preach the gospel in India urban slums thank you for your prayers may God bless you all


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