You Are Not A Victim | Joel Osteen

No unfair situation can keep you from your destiny. God is going to take what was meant for your harm and use it for your advantage.

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  1. Joel I watched the video from 06/06/21 yesterday & Rededicated my Life to My Lord & Savior! But after watching this I realize I was still being the Victim. I started to write a Thank You message for You showing me I needed to Be Patient in my Faith & Wait for Gods Time To Receive My Blessing! BUT in fact I ended up writing what turned out to be a Very Long Comment about All I've Struggled with, I'm So Sorry for That!
    I now see I've been in the Role of Victim most of my Life & let that Attitude Take from me my Short But Sweet Moments of Blessing!
    I'm Going to Stay Close, So My Mind & Faith Will Stay Enlightened! I Will Keep Expecting My Blessings, Amen!

    P.S. By the way the 6th was my 60th Bday, lol!


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