"Yesterday, Today & Forever" – Oral Roberts

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  1. I believe Oral Robert believe in keeping the gospel simple to understand. His teaching are easy if you apply faith.

  2. This is a video of Black and White Christians in the old "Jim Crow" days…does anyone ever mention how the "racism" was solved by King Jesus and His People? Remember Asuza Street?…led by an ex-slave and mighty miracles were done. People would walk by and literally see flames on top of the building, they wondered if they should call the Fire Dept!!!

  3. As an African I have partly gotten addicted to the watching of great men of God tapes for growth and keenly watching their technique and methods of handling ministry. ORAL ROBETS IS A BLESSING TO THIS GENERATION, HE'S DEAD BUT WE STILL BENIFTS FROM WHAT WAS BREATHED INTO HIM

  4. I am pumped to do God's work!!!! Never be just Parked again!!!!! I grew up during the ministry of Oral Roberts!! We have seen it!! We believed it then!!!
    God has not changed!! God's Word has not changed!! We as Believers in JESUS need to be ministering to the world today!! With healing and casting out demons, and preaching Salvation!!!!!AMEN!!!

  5. Oral Roberts was ahead of his generation. I feel bad that I did not meet him, live! But I listen to his messages now, how encouraging! His commitment to His Master and his calling cannot be questioned. He was a gift to our world. Thank God

  6. Oral Roberts and Billy Graham,Has been the best preachers ever in USA.I use to watch them both with my father in Puerto Rico when i was 8 years old and up.

  7. Thanks be to God for Evangelist oral Roberts. He was a blessing to thousands in USA and elsewhere. In the 1970 s many youngsters were touched by his books and tracts. He was a man with passion for souls. God used him and hundreds were healed. We three brothers from India who were graduates were influenced by him and used his catchy statements such as God is a good God and the devil is a bad devil." I heard this when I was 22 and now I am 73. Of course no one is 100 percent perfect. The hand of the Lord was upon him to lead many toward salvation, healing and deliverance. His ministry encouraged me as I was a young preacher. Now I watch his messages (1955-65) and the outstanding miracles.Glory to God. It is my desire and prayer that many will become The Elijahs of God. Rev.Dr. Lawrence Jayapalan.M.A.B.D.M.Th.Ph.D.

  8. Bless Oral Roberts would a speaker and teacher built by the Lord in the secret mysteries Hes laid up for us and stored for restoration in this heavenly season with His miracle rhyme and reason!


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