Winning the Battle Every Time – Fulfilling Your Dominion Mandate

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  1. That's so true if you believe and not doubt you will get what you say
    I have a testimony I was denied unemployment two times but I kept saying I am going to get approved things are changing in my favor .The virus hit I applied again got denied .I did an appeal I wrote it's all over the news people are to stay in the house so why am I being denied I got my unemployment . God made away I didn't see away, but I knew god would work it out his time his way !

  2. thank you!! and thank you for sharing your personal experience of calling out to Jesus – born again. i've followed this reverend Pastor Bill since first time hearing him; he HAS the fire!

  3. Can you have your production team increase the volume on your videos tend to be low even at the highest volume settings on all devices.

    Thanks much!


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