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This clip is from: Joseph Prince—How To Pray Powerful Prayers (16 Jun 2013) @josephprince

If you’re wondering why we still need to pray since God already knows us inside out, this one’s for you!

The Bible says that prayer, or asking, is powerful. Many times we don’t have something simply because we didn’t ask for it (see James 4:1). And when we don’t have what we need or want, we can get frustrated and even try to get hold of it by our own means.

In the Bible, we see that David learnt it the hard way. While David used his own means—causing more harm to the people around him and himself—to get the things he wanted to satisfy his heart, he realized he could have just asked the Lord, and He would have given him much more (see 2 Sam. 12:7–8). Truly, God knows what we need, what we dream of, and most importantly, what is best for us.

Whatever you are seeking today, just come to the Lord and ask! Tell Him what you need or wish for because He is waiting and eager to hear. More than that, His blessings never run dry and He is willing and able to freely give them to you (see Rom. 8:32). All you need to do is ask.

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Comment (27)

  1. Prayer is Good to Your Eternal Good Souls in Christ and Prayer Makes You not to Forget the LORD GODFATHER in Christ Everyday.even JESUS CHRIST is Praying to HIS HEAVENLY GODFATHER in Christ.

  2. He knows… but there are devils who wants to kill, steals and destroy.
    And that we are not the ones who chose the evil world to exist.
    For it is only the night and the day that is being intentionally created.
    While the devils forced their world of killing, stealing amd destroying.

  3. Doa ITU sebagian besar paragraf pertama pujian pada Allah..dan meminta ampunan atas kekihlafan kita..Serta menysmpaikan doa Keluarga kita.mungkin lupa berdoa.atau bla bla

  4. Bapa kami yg Ada di Surga..dikuduskanlah namaMu.datanglah kerajaanMu..Jadilah kehendakMu..dibumi seperti di surga.berikanlah kami pada Hari ini makanan kami secukupnya..dan ampunilah kesalan kami…seperti kami mengampuni yg bersalah kepada kami

  5. Kenapa Ada relationship with parents if U know they are loved U dan penuhi segsla Kebutuhanmu..because love need greeting Kan..ingin cakap.ingin curhat.ingin merasakan kehadirannya..ibulah real love

  6. Yesus berdoa.walau Dia yakin.disalib adl Harga mati..tapi Dia tetapi berdoa..jika boleh.cawan ini lalu daripadaKu tapi biarkan kehendakMu yg jadi.berdoa..tetap bercakap..


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