Who Were the Nicolaitans? — Rick Renner – Revelation

Who were the Nicolaitans mentioned in the book of Revelation? Who are the Nicolaitans today? How do you recognize Nicolaitanism in today’s church? Today Rick Renner will help you with this challenging question. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

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Comment (21)

  1. Does this guy use Greek to seem more credible? Anybody can open a Blue Letter Bible.
    Something about this dude seems off. Makes strange assumptions over simple verses.

  2. Oh my I have heard teaching like that before! These people will continue to go into those places you won't and even claimed they may "save" some people there.you say no..& they say well
    Bc Christ was around sinners..& with that reasoning if they want to go in a bar to "save" someone they say they will.
    Also more morphing of words when the Bible outlines qualifications of a deacon..these say you can have "believing children" even if you never were a father…if you babysit relatives children well that makes you qualified to be a deacon…yet, how can he "rule his house well" if he never has to rule his house? there is no getting through to them.

  3. This verse talks directly to me. I have been thinking about this verse. Thank you so much for clarifying. I think the lord is speaking to me. What a blessing. Thank you Jesus.

  4. I believe the Nicolaitans were those who started the reverence of Mary (All people with the surname Nicolaitan are in majority Catholic/Greek Orthodox countries) – It has obviously evolved to full out worship of her

  5. let's see, modern churches who teach greed and prosperity…
    Nicolas, nicolaitans, Saint Nicolas, Santa Claus, Pagan "Christmas" SYMBOLISM AND idolatry…
    Most people of modern times are guilty of this. The HATED nicolaitan deeds and works are alive and well today. Hollywood, open relationships, the lgbt community, sexual inappropriateness and the current state of society…

  6. Modern Nicolaitans are rich, ignore justice, celebrate Christmas, Easter & Holloween. If God says don't make images of Him, they traffic in false images in their likeness and claim it's God.

  7. This also reminds me of worshipping on roses Sun day , Easter or Ishtar celebrations and Xmas, pagan solstice!!!! Come out of her my people


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