Who the Devil Is and What He Does — Rick Renner

How much do you know about your spiritual enemy? Join Rick Renner to find out what the Bible tells us about the devil. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

We are in a war — but it’s not against flesh and blood. It is a war against unseen principalities and demonic powers that rule the realm of darkness. Although Christ forever defeated and disarmed Satan through the Cross, we must learn how to be strong in the Lord and enforce the victory He has already achieved. https://renner.org/product/dressed-to-kill-10-part-series/

Scripture warns that Christians will have to stand and fight in spiritual battles waged against them by unseen forces. This means you must be ready to combat the enemy using spiritual weapons of war. In this book, Rick answers the hard questions about the often-misunderstood subject of spiritual warfare. https://renner.org/product/dressed-to-kill/


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  1. Thank You For Giving Us This Teaching On Who The devil is. Writing Down All This to go back and reread and study. God Bless You and Your Beautiful Family!!

  2. Christ revealed is devil exiled. what devil hates is to be revealed as what he is bad bad devil. . he loves to hide and to make people think and hear that there is no God but devil is proud to make himself statues. (Chair of Pelosi remembes me on Baphomet)(I saw him with 9 yo) and he has just a size of 182 cm but one feet pixel of God is biger than universes and toooooo beautiful..


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