When Your Thoughts Attack | Steven Furtick

Odds are, if you really think about the way you feel, you can always find a thought that started it. If you’re feeling insecure, did you compare yourself to someone else first? If you’re frustrated, did you catch a thought of offense?

Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC is helping us guard our minds and hearts from thoughts that are making us sick.

In this season of our lives we’re practicing social distancing because we all know we can catch a disease from being in contact with other people. But are we paying attention to the contacts in our phone? We may not be close to others physically, but that doesn’t mean we are immune to the influence of their mindsets.

Pastor Steven challenges us to ask this question whenever we’re feeling like we don’t matter and struggling with insecurity, “Where did that thought come from?” He helps you know what to do when your thoughts attack? Just like Eve in the garden of Eden who caught a deceptive thought from a serpent, we are susceptible to deception and manipulation from the competing voices vying for our attention.

We believe watching this message will help you fight back against the thoughts that are attacking your peace of mind.

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Sermon Content:
0:00 – You Need To Swipe Left and Delete Some Contacts
1:05 – Why Do I Feel Like This?
4:47 – Hearing God’s Voice (Luke 5:4)
7:00 – That Can’t Be The Voice of God, Right?
8:45 – Don’t Catch That Thought of Insecurity
12:36 – How To Fight Against Negative Thoughts

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When Your Thoughts Attack | Steven Furtick


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Comment (23)

  1. God does speak to you. Not how we speak out loud. He speak to are heart he speak in are thought's. An some people have spiritual ear's thats a gift from God.

  2. A lot of people I know keep saying that Its not Biblical when you say "Your enough" ok maybe God has never said that just like rapture of the trinity are not mentioned in the Bible but they are just words we use to describe something . But just because God never said your enough doesn't mean He didn't prove it . Because think about it if someone Loves you then obviously your enough because they love YOU! If they didn't think your not enough then they don't love you! But because Jesus LOVES you because He died FOR YOU! And therefore you are enough because God CREATED YOU! !!! Because if you wernt enough He would've never died for you!!

  3. Truly a man of God u are. I feel so blessed each and every day as i listen yo your sermons. Csnt just watch one, infact i can go now watching it the whole day, because it feels as if God is speaking through you to me. Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick.

  4. Recently, got dumped out of no where. Just to find out shes getting back with her ex……..Ive always been a HUGE BELIEVER of Christ. So I know this was done for the perfect reason. But, please pray for me if you can! Trying to heal this broken heart! Thank yall

  5. i overthink allot for example i say sorry and ask for forgiveness too god allot more than usual cause sometimes idk if its a sin or not for example if I get a thought of a bad word I say sorry and ask for forgiveness another example recently I was picking blueberries with my mom and I was throwing some of the blueberries towards her and I said something similar to ok that was the last one and then I threw another one so dose that mean i lied and constantly I’m typing in my notes every sin i feel i committed and i like repenting and saying sorry and ask for forgiveness but it gets frustrating when there are allot of things idk are even a sin that I’m saying sorry and asking for forgiveness for so many things and I feel like it’s the devil making me think I’m sinning but then idk if its true conviction of the Holy Spirit and even when I’m praying to god and telling him I’m a sinner i dont even tell him I know I’m a sinner i tell him I believe I’m a sinner because since I get doubts sometimes of his existence even tho I believe really strongly he’s real. I feel if I told him I know he’s real or that I know Im a sinner i over think and feel that telling him I know these thing might be considered as Lying to him because i dont know he’s real I just have a very strong belief and since I feel I just have strong belief he’s real and I don’t know I feel it could be lying to tell him I know I’m a sinner idk if anyone things like this but please someone help


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