What is God saying for 2021? – Wisdom Seed | Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

What is God saying for 2021? Wisdom Seed | Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

In this short wisdom seed, I share a little of what’s been in my heart and what God has been speaking for this year.

Times like these are times to restore our relationship with God, prepare, repent and be alert in prayer for what God is instructing.

The Bible speaks of these times where we will see the fullness of things come to pass as the day of the Lord approaches. Signs will happen and intensify in the natural and the spiritual. We have to be ready!

I recently had a Prophetic Alert webinar with other Apostles and Prophets where we shared some of the events that will happen in this decade. We are in times of transition, repentance, restoration, and returning back to God. Watch it on my channel!

Join us for our Supernatural Conference 2021 Prophetic Alert!

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Comment (22)

  1. This con artist is killing his own flock and, therefore, his income because tells them not to get vaccinated. A foolish judas goat! At least he is culling the herd, lol!

  2. Tell me why do republicans like yourself say you follow the word of Jesus yet everything you do and stand for is the exact opposite of what Jesus preached?

  3. We need to repent and go back to the scriptures. People must be baptized in the name of Jesus and not be attached to material things. Might God let you see the way, before is too late!

  4. Apostle please can you pray for me so I can ACTIVATED SUPERNATURALLY BECAUSE I LOVE to serve and SAVE people IN Papua New Guinea and My NAME is Michael Kuli. May GOD bless YOU and your MINISTRY.

  5. Would you and your congregation please pray for me and my family. For over 30 years, we have been involved in a Biblical-sized spiritual warfare battle / lawsuit involving the Philippine Government, U.S. Government, and many others. The amounts involved are more than King Solomon sized. My family has dedicated a large portion of these funds to spreading the gospel around the world, the translation of the Holy Bible into all of the languages in the world, and helping those in need around the world. Additionally, for the past several years, I have become actively involved as an advocate for those suffering oppression in their countries from evil forces and have been promoting awareness of and change from corruption, injustice, and evil at all levels of society. I am currently possibly entering an extremely perilous transition in my personal life as well. Would you and your congregation please pray for me and my family’s safety, well-being, provision, protection, and deliverance. Please pray for God's will to be done in this spiritual warfare battle / case and that this particular battle will finally be resolved immediately. And most of all, please pray for God's love upon us to repentance, conversion, and salvation as His vessels of righteousness unto honor to do His will always. Finally, would you please pass along and share this prayer request with your prayer partners for continued supplication toward God for these things. Thank you. In Yeshua’s name, Amen.

    In Christ,

    Rod D

  6. Este año estoy rezando para que salga de la esclavitud para trabajar 12 horas al día para mis hijos y que pueda comenzar el negocio en el que he estado trabajando durante tanto tiempo y no he podido reaccionar.


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