What Every Christian Must Do – Prophetic Word from Mario Murillo

In this prophetic word from @Mario Murillo you’re going to discover what you can do right now to impact this nation. This is one of best things you will hear all year! The prophecies of America are more powerful than the policies of the enemy.

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Comment (39)

  1. Hello Mario murillo authentic son of almighty God first of all glory to almighty king of kings alpha and omega I'm in canada in one of the coldest place Winnipeg Manitoba du canada tonight 50 below brother .good lord bless you and family.

  2. "No self pity, no fear, no confusion"~ that's right, as that is precisely what the enemy is counting on~ which means we give him NOTHING! Not one thing eviil hopes for should be on our radar, not one.

  3. Are you going to apologize for you false prophecy? Are we now witnessing pride? Trump and Jesus have absolutely NOTHING in common!! Isaiah 32:1-8 clearly states what a real leader looks like and you nor Trump are "it". Spirituality and politics don't mix!! Never have!! Never will!! The demons have been most exposed in the so-called evangelical prophets!! HUMBLE YOURSELVES AND APOLOGIZE!!

  4. ALL these majorities of false prophets who claimed God told them that Trump will win and become president again??!! And still, people listen to these false prophets who claim to speak for God… who don't even know what is going on behind the scenes and how they are actually part of the problem and not the solution. Did God not say, "the whole world wonders after the beast?!?! So can you trust a word these "so-called" prophets are saying…NO!! God does not make mistakes!! You are misled by these people and don't even know it!!

  5. I can't believe what he said about small plans. The ignorance of that. I won't even insult anyone's intelligence by explaining why.I

    I like how all these preachers are suddenly condeming prophecy today AFTER the fact. Why didn't they condemn it BEFORE?

  6. nice words of hope and victory, but the US republic dies in 2021. There is no verses in the Bible that guarantees the US Empire will last beyond this year. It was a great experiment which has benefited millions. We now live in Socialist USA. All is not lost and the Rapture is near, maybe less than 12 years.

  7. Biden the Roman Catholic is now in the Whitehouse, maybe now people will stop believing these self styled false prophets, and stop giving them money.

  8. can't wait to see what happens on January 21st. Any guesses? I have put my faith in God and listened to all the prophets on the internet about the election. something better happen soon. You only have 4 days.

  9. Those who belong to Jesus, and are born from above, are citizens of heaven first; those who are born in the US are citizens of this country.
    The Kingdom of God supersedes all earthly governments and political climates.
    The quality and well-being of the true church does not depend on either a benevolent earthly government nor its deterioration from a tyrannical one. Actually, history has proven that the more oppressive the earthly government was towards the true church, the more the Gospel of the Kingdom of God advanced.
    The Apostle Paul said these words to the churches, "Though I am in chains, the word of God is NOT in chains."

  10. Thank God all prophet's are united.where there is oneness amoung the servers of God may God bless both countries because both countries recognised Israel

  11. They stole the votes.what about what hilary did and robert muller. The killing of Seth Oma Abadine please are they really going to get away joe biden and his son CURRUPTION god why are they getting away with this.


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