What Can You Expect in 2018? – Apostle Guillermo Maldonado | December 31, 2017

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Comment (17)

  1. Creation waits for the manifestation of the Sons of God. God is doing a mighty work on his remnant like never before. Repent from your sins, iniquities. and transgressions. and ask for forgiveness. Jesus Christ died for your sins so you would not have to face death. Salvation is available for those who want it. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Receive Jesus in your heart. The precious blood of Jesus washes away all your sins and purify s your heart. In Jesus name. Amen

  2. St.  Matthew 9: 13


    “But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

  3. please pray for me. I need victory on my life in the name of Jesus. here are things i pray Jesus to work on: 1.winning my house in the court I am going through. 2. marriage with fiance. God is Able to answer my prayers .Amen Amen

  4. My former employer did PR work for his Conferencia Apostolica Y Profetica (CAP) conference in Miami in 2009, where Benny Hinn was one of the keynote speakers. What was unusual was that the church never released tickets to the venue (American Airlines Arena) to sell directly to the public; you could only buy them through Maldonado's church, El Rey Jesús. When I spoke to our point of contact at AA Arena, I discovered why this was the case. It turns out ERJ was selling CAP tickets at a much higher price than what AA Arena was going to sell them for. This is the kind of person you're dealing with.

  5. Since I discover this great man of god . My CHRISTIAN life has turn around. My faith in Christ has increase and I am now able to fast and pray and give with joy. May the Lord anoint you with more wisdom so you can continue to bless us


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