Weapons To Demolish a Mental Stronghold — Rick Renner

God has given you weapons to demolish mental strongholds. Join Rick Renner today to learn what these weapons are and how to use them. To order the series and book offer click SHOW MORE.

Is there a certain type of wrong thinking that you can’t seem to shake? Is it linked to a bad habit or hang-up that you subconsciously seem to gravitate toward? It may be that you are dealing with a mental stronghold. In this dynamic five-part series, Rick Renner meticulously dissects what a stronghold is and expounds on seven spiritual weapons you’ve been given to demolish mental strongholds. https://store.renner.org/product/190/pulling-down-strongholds-5-part-series

Does your life feel like a battle? Are you winning, losing, standing your ground or in full retreat? Scripture warns that Christians will have to stand and fight in spiritual battles waged against them by unseen forces. This means you must be ready to combat the enemy using spiritual weapons of war. In this book, Rick answers the hard questions about the often-misunderstood subject of spiritual warfare. https://store.renner.org/product/6/dressed-to-kill


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  1. What if the enemy has already ruined me? He has ruined my life even as a believer. I was very ignorant of his schemes. Is there hope when the enemy has already ruined your life? I've been a believer for 8 years but now I'm starting to believe that maybe I was never born again. I had an incident happen to me where the devil told me that I was going to hell and I have been believing it for 4 months now. But my life is ruined now. I can see it now.

  2. Cast down imagination Jesus My Lord and Savior I Am Free We Walk By Faith Not By Saith We Are The Head Not The nails God Bless You Happy Thursday everyone Stay Safe And Be Strong Whatever come are way we win

  3. Brother Rick, this brought me to tears. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1983, but did not receive the 2nd filling of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. As a child I used to be insecure/inferior to even walk outside….I grew up in queens, New York. The gospel has taken me from cowering in fear which led to stuttering to freely sharing the marvelous gospel of Jesus Christs…..Thank You Jesus….I can do all things through Christ Jesus. I'm nothing without Jesus. I am free yes free indeed glory to God. Thanks again, Pastor Rick.

  4. Dear Lord Jesus, our Holy God, grant me full peace in every mental stronghold and in the face of all satanic attacks. May the guardian Angel's of God's kingdom defend me constantly from EVIL everywhere I am. Amen, amen and amen

  5. Brother Rick or anyone knowing, would you recommend a free resourceful software that I may download by which I can enter an English word or phrase and get the Hebrew and Greek meanings? Thank you. Oh, I saw your teaching on TCT.tv today and subscribed to your YouTube Channel. Thank you for all that you share. Shalom and Maranatha.


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