We Are Going To Take This Nation Back For God! | Lance Wallnau, Mario Murillo & Robert Henderson

Join us as we take back this nation for God!

Invading Babylon Digital Download by Lance Wallnau: http://destinyimage.co/INVADING
Vessels of Fire and Glory Digital Download by Mario Murillo: http://destinyimage.co/Vessels
Praying for the Prophetic Destiny Digital Download by Robert Henderson: http://destinyimage.co/PRAYFORUSA

The earth is shaking. The church is suffering from compromise and powerlessness. People are desperate for solutions. The answer will not come from a president; it can only come from a people who know how to bring Heaven to Earth!


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Comment (16)

  1. American citizens don’t want another “AHAB” and “JEZEBEL” in the White House over this country and the nations. America suffered enough with the Bush, Clinton, and Obama “AHAB / JEZEBEL” demonic power stealing, killing and destroying all areas of society. BIDEN is an AHAB / HARRIS is a JEZEBEL WITCH.

  2. I have cut my teeth on Marrio! I went to see him in Berkeley as a teen, I have come to Know and Love Robert and he recognized me when I told him my name… I STAND WITH AND FOR ISRAEL NOW AND FOREVER! As the Spiritual GIANTS of today’s KINGDOM OF GOD… We STAND in the Face of the giants who stand against ALMIGHTY GOD… Almighty God will BRING DOWN the goliath of today! WATCH THIS!


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