Vision 2019 – The Grace to Fulfill the Assignment | Rodney Howard-Browne

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Sermon Date: May 19th, 2019

This message was recorded live at The River Church in Tampa, Florida. For more information about the ministries of Pastors Rodney & Adonica Howard-Browne, visit

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Comment (12)

  1. I am in Ohio struggling to figure out my calling or who to go to for help developing my vision. I am unsure of what church to trust, and am thinking of starting a home church group. I think we need to focus on America’s youth, as I come from a divorced family myself that did not provide me w a clear understanding of the Bible and I have struggled ever since until now and I am 47. I had a conversation w my daughter’s 11 yr old friend and she doesn’t believe , in God,, but has never been in a church either or read a bible. This broke my heart and made think how many kids are non believers in God , due to the complete lack of church at all. Then I thought about what is taught and what is online/TV/Netflix etc and I am horrified. I am trying to break the cycle that I was born into, which was my grandma took me to church and my parents took me on holidays, in the beginning ,but by age 11, church was out of my life and I ended up having a best friend whose mother was a card reader . My grandfathers were both in the free masons too , so I have had a lot of tragedy/loss and hard lessons w out any help from family. So I know what is like to be under attack by Satan and lose your family.


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