Vintage Parsley

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  1. Remember when people didn't care about how long church lasted and weren't in a hurry to get home or to the buffet restaurant? Sadly, not that way anymore! Seeing this brings me back to those days

  2. "No weapon formed against this man shall not prosper". LOL. So what you just said was, there isn't a weapon formed against Parsley that won't prosper. Every weapon WILL prosper, in other words. I think you just cursed Rod Pasley!! Nice.

  3. I like the video, thanks for posting. By the way I love Pastor Rod Parsley, he a great man of God. If you've experienced the power of God at his church you'd know this is real.

  4. If you like Marjoe Gortner, BTW, you must seek out the movie "Pray for the Wildcats" starring (check this line-up) William Shatner, Robert Reed (from "The Brady Bunch"), Marjoe Gortner and Andy Griffith. It was an ABC made for television movie. So incredibly bad that it is incredibly good.

  5. Amen brother and by the way, the award-winning documentary "Marjoe" was finally released on DVD a few years ago, and it's essential viewing for anyone interested in this sort of wackiness. You youngsters who don't know about Marjoe, google "Marjoe Gortner".


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