Vicky's Testimony – The Healing Power Of Jesus' Blood

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  1. My husband is a military chaplain. We have a 12 1/2 yr old Down Syndrome son. His name is Nolen Robison. He is wonderful and deserves God's miraculous touch! We have been praying in Jesus' name for this miracle since Nolen was born. We will never give up! We have FAITH! And we are so ready to receive this miracle NOW! We are desperate! PLEASE PLEASE HELP US PRAY FOR THIS MIRACLE! With God Nothing is Impossible!

  2. i have the same situation they've told me that i have high risk 1:70 of having my baby with down syndrome the test was only a week ago I am only 25yo and I dont know what to do they said that i have to terminate my pregnancy immediately … still thinking what to do we both have faith that our baby will be healthy . but they saw the scan and said that my baby have abnormalities in brain and is really small for me looks normal . i need help …

  3. Hallelujah! God's love is SO perfect in every way. HE wants nothing more than to give blessings to HIS children. HE is to receive all the glory. It was HIS will that set us free. Thank you Jesus! Amen.

  4. Praise THE LORD FOR HE IS FAITHFUL! In Jesus Name AMEN. Currently believing God for a miracle, and I declare that it has been delivered into my hands, amen amen

  5. God bless your family and your son will be a great pastor someday… Jesus is with him.. and my prayers to your family and friends to come to Jesus. Amen!

  6. You know what I like? She and even Pastor Joseph Prince singaporean accents are similar in some ways to Nigerian accents, I think that's a good thing because Nigerians in Nigeria may be able to understand better what Pastor Prince is saying and talking about because of that…

  7. Our youngest son has Down Syndrome and is eight. We are Christians. We've been listening to Pastor Prince and other Bible teachers more lately. God is growing us and using all for our good. Our child with DS was recently healed of Perthes Disease. His hip bone was nearly gone…. now he is healed! Praise God!


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