Urgent Message from Mario Murillo: It's Time to Surrender

It’s time to surrender and say, “Yes” to Jesus! This urgent message from @Mario Murillo is one that needs to be spread far and wide. This is where we stand. The voice of God is speaking to you.

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  1. Paul was right with God and was beat up, stoned, imprisoned, shipwrecked, put under house arrest, and executed. He had ailments that God did not heal while Paul healed others. Expecting God to save you from the challenges of this world is the wrong mindset. God's grace is enough. Your job is to love the person you come into contact with.

  2. I'm number of them right now I have tried all I can but still I fall and I fall deeper so many voices in my mind. JESUS CHRIST So close same time so far why??? I know know one can help me but still HIM still HIM JESUS CHRIST.

    TRUMP and The Faithful Ones Are Being Rewarded.
    Anna Marie Stawhand

  4. What Jesus said that I used to tell people is he said if you don't believe that I am he you will die in your sins And the audience he was speaking to the I Am part of that would have been a really big deal.!

  5. It breaks my heart to think that not only do some people have one foot in and one foot out. But the ones who don't even know they have one foot in one foot out. Because they can't fix what they don't even know they have wrong with them.

  6. Because of your powerful relationship with the Lord GOD , it is this reason behind my sending you this text message and why I'm going to ask you to pray with me against this woman who is in a relationship with a very dear friend of mine , who I have known for over 50 yrs. !!! What is your take , & opinion of a Sucubus / Demonic sexual abusive woman ? All I know is , from what I have witnessed for myself , what I have heard her say with my own ears , is so utterly vile , abusive and Demonic in it's nature … Plus he doesn't ever argue with her , nor tries to disagree with the things she tells him or accusses him of doing !!!!! How can I come against her ? How can I make him understand that there is no love for him in this woman ! She and my friend , whose name is Scott Kelson . They have a 5 yr. ols daughter together named Illa ! Illa is afraid of her mother and this whole thing is utterly beyond belief !!! Scott's other grown children , Eric and Amanda , have tried making their father see what she has done and have walked away from their Dad because of this woman !!! He is like , under a spell !! Like he can't believe or see that she is lying , calling him vile , disgusting names and so much more ! What is your take & opinion on a Sucubus demonic woman , who lures men and sexually molests them ? Please , tell me what I can do . How can I pray against this demonic woman ? I seriously need your advice and HELP in how & what to Pray !

  7. I know people who have decided that God is a "buzzkill" and have broken with him.
    They're miserable.
    I pray for them every night, and I hope God uses me to help them out, but I'm not going to push until I am told to.

  8. Amen all through jesus. Mario do you protect the anointing. I saw something in the spirit 4 men talking as Christian attacked one man in a underline way man attacked just decomposed with holy spirit. Another Christian fix it letting man know he was with him. Marrio. It didn't effect you Mario you saw in sprit. Why go in to other ministry who operate toward anointed men I can understand it a platform. Ok on another ministry I saw man's anointing leaving him impouring the other man while light being taken off anointed mam. Then that other man started bullying making fun of guest speaker. It was like that man putting guest in corner. Controlling everything to shut anointing down in guest. Mario I seen same man who has a large church start acting like guest how or what happens to anointing when it's being copy. Mario how do we protect our anointing.

  9. Mario, I believe your going to have your desire.. Because I believe that I've seen it in my night visions.. Years ago..& yes we contend for the fulfillment of all things

  10. Thank you Heavenly Father for this man that continues to encourage your people in these times when we should be encouraged knowing that you are in charge and we are not to be ruled by fear.

  11. This whole world needs Jesus this whole world needs a revival and only Jesus can bring people out of darkness into his marvelous light thank you so much for speaking the truth we need to redeem the time because the days are evil.

  12. **GA Gov Brian Kemp used Trump to get elected and then with the help of Sec of State Raffensperger stabbed Trump in the back to help Dems get Biden elected


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