Unlock the Power of the Holy Communion | Joseph Prince on TBN Praise

Join Pastor Joseph Prince as he shares about his book, “Eat Your Way To Life and Health” on TBN’s Praise program with Matt & Laurie Crouch. Be encouraged as he answers some pertinent questions about healing and the holy Communion.

Find out more: http://eatyourwaybook.com/

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  1. Pastor Prince. Thank you for the Revelation in the Holy Communion video. I had been having a persistant dry cough that resulted in a sore throat. I watched and had my communion alone the first time. I slept well. The cough subsided. The next two times I had it with you online. I am happy to let you know that I am very well. I remember the 1st night I had it with you online I heard myself muttering the whole night in my sleep pleading The Blood of Jesus and declaring my wellness. I am well. Whenever the cough urge comes I Plead and Declare the Blood of Jesus. Thank you. I WILL LIVE BY THE HOLY COMMUNION FOREVER. Be Blessed More. South Africa

  2. The roads will never suffocate if you believe in god and let yourself to be blessed with the others، Maybe one door will open a thousand of doors, the thing that you never know wow it just so happened accidentally nothing is impossible with god you won’t be choked_ up or stuck_ up , blessings…

  3. The Lord Supper is the fulfillment of the Passover Supper. God gave the Passover Supper for the deliverance of Israel and the Lords Supper is the fulfillment of this great miracle meal. The communion or Lords Supper is from the Passover Supper

  4. Tomorrow is Sunday and I will take the HOLY COMMUNION am HEALED IN MY MIND FROM any spiritual drawbacks and I will be score A+ in my June exams I will come with a testimony it will be done has tomorrow I partake THE HOLY COMMUNION tomorrow Sunday service AMEN!

  5. I just love watching you pastor Joseph prince you help me see grace and see God in a new loving way I was able to overcome regret and a life stile oppose to Gods but grace help me so much God Bless you Pastor Joseph

  6. Brother Prince I want u to know most especially at this time (4/3/21) that u brought me back to my Father and my Saviour.  God used u for this task.  You are His vehicle for salvations news.  See u in Heaven.

  7. I do felt such miraculous healing by the holy communion. It's my believe that it's a blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy body of Christ, why can it be healed ? it's a simple faith does work.


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