Truth & Liberty with Bishop Keith Butler: How Important Your Vote Is in Mid-Term Elections

May 21, 2018: Stay on top of current events by joining Andrew Wommack and Executive Marketing Director and VP of 7m Ventures, Inc. Karen Conrad with Bishop Keith Butler as they share the truth about:
-Preachers in politics
-The what’s at stake in the upcoming mid-term elections
-The importance of your vote
-Liberals hatred for President Trump
-Money’s role in elections
-Possible government conspiracy to control the 2016 election
-And the budget surplus!

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Comment (1)

  1. Man this was pretty awesome. I know growing up being a democrat was the way to go in my family. But since i repented in 2009 i see that it was the way that seemed right to a man but its end is the way of death. Imma black man and i can say if i knew then what i know now, I wudntve never voted for Barack Obama. And man i researched the views of Nancy Pelosi, that lady is absolutely wicked. She is Satans spokesperson for real. In 1999 she opposed allowing state and local govts including schools to display the 10 commandments, shes for abortion, gay marriage etc.. And people wander y there is so many school massacres. Duhhh… The absence of light leaves darkness and the absence of the law leaves lawlessness. Nonetheless this video was very encouraging.


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