Transition To The New Season | Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

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Comment (16)

  1. Como va a estar contento satanás.
    Con el apóstol Maldonado lo odia y por eso lo quiere desaparecer, pero mayor es nuestro Dios y El lo sostiene y lo guardará sin caída y lo seguirá usando Gloria a Dios.

  2. Wanna a connection with you papa Maldonado
    How great is our God
    I see what happen in India
    I'm from India
    Northeast part of India
    With God divine appointment
    I want to be in your church….. ❤❤

  3. I totally agree with Apostle and our Pastor Nicky from South Africa!! Sow into the kingdom of God, the Gospel needs to be preached to all corners of the world!! God has told me :"Get Ready. I'm coming back soon."

  4. Pregunta, El pastor tuvo algun acidente grave y tuvieron que hacerle
    alguna sirugia en la cara? pobre!!! espero que este bien, pero lo dejaron
    con un gato, pobre espero que sea inflamacion nada mas y que ya este

  5. Whenever l put this video really song is touching me and presence of holy spirit……really really wonderful presence…………..l cannot explain it…

  6. As I was watching this video, The mighty presence of God came and Touched me and filled me with Holy Spirit! I am still shaking while writing this. Soo Much Blessed! Thank You, Jesus. God bless you Apostel.

  7. This ministry is such a blessing, please allow us to save more videos because in African countries data is extremely expensive. please please please…


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