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  1. I praise God so much for this teaching concerning God 'a will for us to be healed. Bless you my brother. I pray many more will listen to this teaching over and over like I am doing.

  2. Gods will is that we live Holy Be ye Holy for I Am Holy. But how many wants healing but they dont want to be Holy. How many wants healing but they really dont want God? You would be surprised how many people only want what they can get from God. Ill be honest id rather have more of Jesus then i would healing, or wealth, or friends, or anything else. Because the more i get of Him the more happier i am. No wonder Paul was content the more God he had in his life the more content he was. Many people in Jesus day followed Him for the Loaves. They wanted healed they wanted food they wanted their needs met but they didnt want Him. Most people try to use God as a Santa Claus. I wonder how many people has been healed and its been a long time sense you thank Him for it.

  3. The best book ever written next to the Bible on healing. That's because it is so full of the Word! We give these books as part of our ministry. Thank you for this!

  4. I am a living witness of what God can do through His Servant T.L.Osborn when my wife who was Asthmatic received a Miracle healing when T.L.Osborn conducted a massive Crusade in Mombasa in the eighties. Joseph Oduot

  5. TL Osborne is a priceless gift from God .His message of divine healing touched the core of my beliefs.I am like mount zion which cannot be moved because of this mans messages

  6. While reading and applying the word in this book I became pregnant after being barren for 16 years . I was checked by my fertility doctor and he told me, "Linda, do not continue to hope to conceive" My fallopian tubes were destroyed from chronic pelvic infections and one was removed due to a previous ectopic pregnancy . when the doctor said ," Do not hope", the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me and said "I am your hope ! " Within that same year I had a beautiful baby girl by allowing the Word of God to be the final authority in my life…not the doctors! Praise God!


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