Time For A Miracle | Rodney Howard-Browne

Sermon Date: September 9th, 2020

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Comment (20)

  1. Hi Everyone! There is a fake Rodney Howard-Browne account going around trying to scam people. If you receive a message from this person please do not engage and just simply report them and block them.

  2. Our family could sure use a miracle right. now, a 4yesr old has been missing for 3 days now his name is Quentin,his mother is my great. niece please pray for his safe return, missing from Kenton, Ohio

  3. My hope has been deferred too long that I can't even believe God for a cup of coffee, my heart is so sick. This wicked and evil heart of mine who is able to heal it.

  4. Thank you!! Where are the true prophets who will declare that what God said about the earth is true? If we do not get what "does not move" means, the Holy Spirit adds a double whammy and says the earth is on foundations, the very purpose of which is to prevent any movement. Believers have been duped by the prevailing satanic propaganda of NASA, freemasons, etc. to deny the word of God. And scientifically, we are not even operating on a kindergarten level. A kindergartener playing pee-a-boo will tell you that if he can see someone, that someone is not behind the corner. Yet we do not know as much. When we see extremely long distances, with infrared cameras, maybe 1000 miles, we say we are somehow seeing around the curve, or through the earth! Let the kindergartener correct us! Every test that you can do shows absolutely no curve to the surface of the earth! Christians, wake up, and "examine everything carefully."

  5. Yes Miracles i agree with you and All you Saint's we need Mighty thing's to Come Praying for and Thanks for your prayers 6——9—–1——-5——3 —-n—-e Jesus keep them all safe and from evil and there home's in your name Lord Jesus!!!Thank you!!!God's Words of Hope!!Thanks PASTOR Rodney!!

  6. I watched this on television today October 18, 2020 this is the biggest phony con artist I think I’ve ever seen in my life since Jim Bakker. This Rodney Con made me so sick I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and listening to. This guy should be sent to federal prison for being a con artist thief liar phony actor. You’ve got to be kidding me at the end of the program every person in the audience brought their Thies up to the white buckets I mean everybody lines of them that’s all nonsense unless everybody just put in one dollar bill I mean you talk about a joke and then there was some pastor from some other congregation there and this guy saw him in the audience and rodney acts like he just couldn’t believe it and it was such a weird phony fake deal this was so weird it made me sick.
    Do you see the reason they make everybody come up there and put the money in the bucket is so people watching see them doing that because they have a bigger outlook than just the people in the audience he said this is for people watching there’s a lot more people watching and there are in the audience so the people watching think will the people in the audience are giving their money so should I when it’s all set up and phony


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