Tim Storey, 'Your Miracle Is Just Around the Corner'

This is a must watch miracle service featuring, Evangelist Dr. Tim Storey. In this life-transforming message Dr. Storey shares from scripture how that in the midst of life struggles and challenges we often forget that Abba Father has not only allowed it, but often sets us up for a breakthrough in order to prove His awesomeness. In other words, oftentimes your blessing and your breakthrough is waiting just around the corner.


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Comment (11)

  1. You know preachers use bible miracles telling you that you too will receive a miracle but i think they are reading someone else's mail what God did for Job doesn't mean He ll do it for you so dont get all hyped up for nothing .

  2. I've known Tim when he first started out in ministry. Tim has a heart throb after God's own heart. He's real/honest I can always belive what God gives him to tell me… I will be in touch with you soon for Devine counsel Tim. Bev.F. from First Family Church. sincerely.

  3. The rich and poor meet together: the LORD is the maker of them all. (Proverbs 22:2). At least this preacher did not make his riches by making merchandise of the sheep. He made it through good business sense and hard work. But me thinks he brags just a tad too much on his accumulated possessions, like "a house with 7 bedrooms and an elevator".


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