Three Types of Baptism — Rick Renner

The Bible describes three kinds of baptisms. Do you know what they are? Have you received all three of them? Join Rick Renner for this subject in today’s program. To order the series and book offers click SHOW MORE.

In this series, Rick Renner covers the fundamentals you must have in your life to grow up spiritually. Rick examines six vital doctrines that are essential to know and understand if you are to become spiritually mature.

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  1. The Holy Bible surely says, Water Baptism, is much more than obedience….
    Jesus Answered,
    Most assuredly, I say to you, Unless One is Born Of Water And The Spirit, he Cannot Enter The Kingdom Of God!!!
    Meaning, your outed, Do not pass Go, can’t walk through those Gates, you will not be Saved, if you do not Submit your Free Will to this action!!!
    Even Jesus, God Himself, had to submit to John the Baptist, baptizing Him and had to rebuke John, when he resisted the task……

  2. Thank you Pastor Renner for clearing this up! This is such an important foundation to build on. Could you help me through my thoughts about my baptisms? I'll let you know how i became a believer, and want to know if i missed a baptism. Because i want my foundations to be strong and correct. So here is my story from memory. I was raised by christian parents. When i was 4 years old they divorced. i remember my parents praying before bed, before eating. But don't remember other teachings about Jesus or the importance of baptism. I learned to pray and ask for forgiveness, and i did througout my teen years. I can't remember if i asked Jesus for forgiveness, but i knew God existed, but did not obey him at the time. When i was 14 i cast out a demon attacking my mom in her sleep, and the demon fled right after i said "leave in the name of Jesus", this gave me more faith, but still was not sure. I was always near my big family, and did not really have many friends. My family gave me alot of love. When i was around 22 i started using weed because i was curious, i liked to watch documentaries about the world and lies were caught in. I started noticing the deception of this world, and sooner or later found out there was only one savior. I started listening to podcasts about the bible and the world we live in. After that i started digging into the idea of the flat earth, and after hours of studying and finding biblical scriptures which support this idea, i realised that i needed God even more. But because i was addicted to weed and since it gave me better spiritual understanding, i used it to seek God… I did ask for forgiveness alot, but kept falling into temptation (througout my life ive also been addicted to porn and masturbation, which i also struggled with) One day i was watching this movie about the book of acts (tlr movie) and this really made me realise that i needed to be baptized. I think at that moment i prayed that i wanted to change, i cried my heart out to Jesus. (don't remember me saying Jesus is my lord and savior though) a few months later i had the urge to be baptized, because i thought something would happen the next day (august 11) because there were alot of coincidences occuring + it was a muslim holiday… So i asked my mother to baptize me, she did in the name of the son, the father and the holy spirit. After my baptism i did feel freedom of my sins which i was struggling with. A month later i did fall into temptation a few times. But right now ive been free from those sins for more than a month. And about a month ago they prayed for speaking in tongues for me, which i did. On the way back home i was in the train and heard 2 women speaking different languages, which reminded me of my tongue language. Somehow i stopped praying in tongues because i was not sure if i really was baptized correctly… Should i just start doing it again? And do you think ive been baptized correctly all 3 of them? Last month ive been studying everyday about the bible and my relationship with God. I am praying more and more, and i hunger for truth. Eventually i want to evangalize. 2 weeks ago i was walking the dog, and saw a sick man, i prayed for him and it felt so natural. Normally i would be too scared…. Hope someone can encourage me 🙂 Thank you and bless you! Shalom.

  3. My question is why is it that those who performed miracles in Matthew 7:21 ff verses are not saved (meaning did not received the 'first' baptism) but are able to perform miracles which is required in the baptism of Jesus? Or maybe they are not performing miracles by the Holy Spirit? Thanks.

  4. This is about my 4th time this morning listening to this teaching. My spirit popped when Bro Rick was talking about water baptism and gave the reason why people struggle with obedience. Wow, wow, wow! It really opened my understanding more and more. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for sharing this Pastor Renner. The Lord told me to write a book on Hebrews 5:12-6. The Lord showed me Himself back in 2011 that the FIRST baptism is into the Father, the family of God, into the body of Christ as a son/daughter of God where the Holy Spirit seals you until the day of redemption! Then the Baptism from Jesus into the Holy Spirit for POWER and then the baptism into the death burial and resurrection of Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing this, it is more confirmation & this really blesses me. As you are the ONLY other man I’ve heard that has this revelation. Wow. I am amazed. I have followed and supported your ministry since I first came to the Lord and will never stop! Thank you again!


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