The Value of Words – Fulfilling Your Dominion Mandate

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  1. Awesome! I missed being in the building every week. After graduation we were sent out on assignment. Love the Word of God and the many events we have throughout the year. Thank you Drs. Bill & Veronica Winston

  2. I have never heard a sermon I didn't like! Bill Winston is one of my Favorite Anointed Men of God! Keep Bringing it On Pastor! God knows exactly what we need! God Bless You!

  3. I give thanks for what i have now and im going to say im strong, im rich and it is well with my soul for that is what the Lord says im to say. So shall it be in Jesus name hallilujah and amen.

  4. Hallelujah and amen to that. That spot on point preaching. How is his plan to prosper you and give you good health and take you to a wealthy place, but these scribes and Pharisees religion want you to take vow of poverty. The Devilish opressors. Vengeance is mine says the Lord I will repay We have been deceived. When i look at constallations, read about precious stones in the crust of the earth and the oil that these countries will fight over, i know i should be living rich for my father made all that. I don't see any poverty intentions here. Jesus says my father is rich in houses and land. Rich period. He wants us to have nice toys. Thanks be to God for his prophets, ministers, preacher and teachers who recognize what Gods plan is and was and will always be for us.

  5. Wow this was amazing. Pleace DM brother i need tips how me to can manipulativ make People Believe me when i lie for my on best. And need how the People there are so know hwo to Target easest.

  6. Thank you,, for this sermon, I'm not a member yet but attend Pastor Winston's church. This church is so alive and upbeat, and I really enjoy being their, want to attend Incessory, and other Bible study classes. Circumstances, won't permit, at present, but will find my way to do so. God bless U, Pastor Winston, I love your preaching, and motivation, it's not dull or hum drum, church, but it brings, people alive, and educated. God bless, and keep U, always.


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