The Teachings of Andrew Wommack

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  1. This guy doesn't have a clue about redemption in Jesus.. So much pride he cannot recognize God in Jesus.. Na he thinks he can do a video against christians.. funny.

  2. I am paralyzed- cant move my legs… I never spoke negative over my situation – I never cursed my legs for not moving for me…I have proclaimed Gods words over my body for years and still believe today that healing is possible/ available anytime for me… but I am still in the wheelchair since over 30 years…
    something I don‘t understand when looking at the teachings from „name it claim it“ teachers… what answers can they give me without hurting my soul?

  3. As are most TBN money making ministries.
    It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than to get a rich man into heaven. Did you know Pat Robertson is a billionaire? All these TBN guys are millionaires.

  4. Thru his ministry GOD saves and heals hundreds of thousands of people, what do you do besides being an,, Expert ,, on what is wrong with everyone…..what GOD does thru your very religious and suspicious work….?
    Jesus said it best “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. ''
    But He still loves you……✌

  5. You kept seeking false on other people ,haha …. Andrew is not saying not to pray he is just teaching how to use our authority and focus on Jesus….. isn’t the Bible teach ujudgement not for us because God will be the judge…. if you really want to help stop being an accuser , instead spread the word of God…. be an encourager , spread goodnews

  6. We are not made right by the old testament as they under the old covenant, but through faith in Christ in the new covenant. That doesn't mean we can do things of the the flesh that defiles us, but we are righteous in Christ even though we are not perfect in the flesh.

  7. Sometimes I wonder what goes through the mind of a person who devotes their time to finding error in others' teachings. Perhaps if we spent more time teaching the Body 'the perfect truth', we would have better results, or should I say, better outcomes?

    How much time are people like this one spending on leading people to Christ? …"Faith comes by hearing…by the Word of God.. ", not by criticising others. Teach the Word, encourage your followers to read the Word. That way, they will be equipped to spot the "errors".

    The above said in love.

  8. The Bible calls a false teacher, a wolf in sheeps clothing. Even the devil quotes scripture, but out of "context". Search the scriptures for yourself, to find out what God has said. I followed
    Andrew Wommack for years in error not knowing the scriptures for myself.

  9. Andrew Wommack is an Awesome Man of God. It would be lovely if you Sir spend time doing something more profitable than opposing a Man of God. Andrew Wommack teaching changed my life and Andrew is making a difference all over the world. The Word Of God says if Anything is of God you can try to fight it but you will not be able to shut it down. Are you jealous of Andrew Wommack Sir? Jesus Christ is for anyone who wants to receive Him. The Greater works that Andrew is doing is not even up to God because God has given his children authority. Andrew Wommack is doing Greater Works because he dear to believe GOD with over 100 schools over the world. Hes feeding the hungry clothing the naked and preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ. No need to be jealous of another Man of God. It would be profitable for you to stop wasting your precious time criticizing any Man of God whatsover. Your heart is not in the right place. Go around your community and feed the hungry and help the less fortunate. Your are not Andrews God. I pray that we as Christians will stop fighting each other but instead build each other up. Andrew did not come for you he came for people like me. If his teachings rub you the wrong way, ask God to find you the person He sent for you. Shame shame shame. Demons dont fight each other, they unite. Let stop the hate!

  10. I have been listening to Andrew Wommack teachings for 8 months now,I was on daily medication for terminal sickness but now I am healed, my life is medication free. Listening to his sermons day and night helps me renewed my mind the sermon topic, 'its not faith but unbelief' that teaching really helps. Thank you Jesus, thank you Andrew Wommack.

  11. What ? 45:57 of course dominion implies power in words. otherwise “whatsoever you desire when you pray believe you receive it and you shall have it” does not make any sense . Respectfully, either you do not know or do not understand the Bible

  12. Please tell me the minute and second portion of this video where Andrew Warmack says that it is that the woman’s fault that they were raped and shot
    please tell me. God is sovereign and in his sovereignty he has deemed us sons not robots so that we have a hand in what transpires
    again this is the central theme behind Mark 11:24 and the passage that says we will receive an “expected end”. That is not The same as saying it’s our fault. It’s like saying someone who’s poor is their fault but it’s not that simple
    but if you know the rules to take advantage of opportunity you can be rich. Physically and spiritually
    Is it your fault a thief robbed you if you leave the back door open at night? this guy would say yes
    Andrew Wommack would say it’s the thief‘s fault but we allowed it to happen because we did not use our authority. This is not semantics, and the distinction is a very important

  13. At 19:40 he is wrong because the Bible says that you shall prosper even as your soul prospers so that we can have physical prosperity as our soul prospers. Are youth is renewed like the Eagles.

  14. Of course you can ask, but just not over and over again, as in begging. Its the same as admitting your sins…. God knows of them beforehand, but admitting them is when you present them for forgiveness, and asking and believing is how we ACCEPT what God has already done for us. We already have those things, in the sense of "they are granted to us", but if we dont accept them, by requesting and receiving (as in making a bank withdrawal), how are we ever going to receive them? If God supposed to force them on us ? No. He obliges no one. If they don't accept what God offers , just knock the sand from your sandals, and move on. Hope this helps.

  15. For the person who said that Andrew Womack is preaching that you should not ask God they are mistaken .
    Andrew Womack is saying you should not beg God for what he has already giving you, but Mark 11:24 , in the Bible and Andrew Warmack say “ask and you shall receive “ not ask over and over and over and beg and try to convince GOD so that he will give it to you it .
    is already done

  16. What I have learned is anyone can rip the bible apart and come up with a movement and says it's true. In my life I've been sick, healthy, not had much money, and had plenty, been in a head-on collision at 60mph, and walked away without any injury. Had love and been in times of no love. But one thing that is FIXED in my relationship With Jesus is he is my Sheppard. He leads me to water, he provides a table of food before my enemies, he heals me with anointing on my head from the parasite. I believe the scripture we are saved by grace thru faith in Jesus, not of works. I consider all these word of faith teachings man's works to move god. Same as seed money tithe teachings. It's such a subtle deception but it's a works-based relationship. So I always rest in his hands and all I have to do is come to him and pray and rest and he will answer me. He is my Sheppard and I am a sheep. I see God as a child. I look up to my daddy in heaven. These word of faith teachings are weird. Do children think like this? Do you think like this when you were a child living at home? My sheep will KNOW my vioce. These word of faith teachers have a strange voice. Jesus loves us more than we know. When you leave this world you will understand he cares for you. We are trying to perform on this earth and all he wants to do is give us rest of mind body and soul. Religion complicates and divides. One day those who are deceived by these teachers will see that this is a works-based religion.

  17. I also agree that God uses bad for good. He allowed a health issue but because before I was a lukewarm Christian but now I read the word and realised I needed god through it and have grown so much.

  18. His ‘humility’ is a ruse. I had a few friends that spent a year at his school. What disturbed them most was the mocking tone of talking about others and lack of grace in conversations. For example, the former dean of students said in a sermon how much he hated students… to an audience that included students…

  19. You're simply operating under the spirit of ignorance! May God deliver you for going against one of the greatest bible teacher full of Wisdom and Faith!…..You're an enemy of the cross!

  20. Thank you for sharing this truth I just started watching him on television ….I have stopped as of today after listening to this and I agree I didn't know that he was word of faith teacher thank you so much can you recommend good sound doctrine from a TV minster I am also trying to find a church with sound solid doctrine God bless you ✝️

  21. Thanks, Tim. Good references and teaching.

    Many immature believers
    are snagged by what are
    actually mystical
    of scripture

    They also believe that
    common sense is not

    Thanks Again, good job!

  22. So your God made me a cripple and your God put me in lifelong poverty because it was His will to teach me and keep me humble but you state your God loves me so much?


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