The Shaking Is For Shifting | Joel Osteen

There are some seasons in life that shake everything around us. In these moments, it’s easy to get discouraged, wondering what will happen. But you have to remember, the shaking is not there to stop you. It’s there to shift you. God is getting ready to take you to the next level.

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  1. THE POWER OF NOW – Eckhart Tolle. There is only the now. No present or future, just now. This present moment. Everything else is mental, the history you believe shapes you, the future you project. Mental. There is only now.

  2. This message means a lot to me because at work my co-workers and I have a new Store MANAGER with no experience not developed enough for this position for which more people skills as required… he has none.

    For instance a response back from an associate to a query is grounds for subordination

    Within less than 2 weeks he already had shown to us no concern for the associates, creating a negative working environment in the store to the point that the associates will walked out of the store as my colleague the freigth ASM did he turned his keys in without giving the store 2 weeks notice.

    I am the Assistant Store Manager in Operation for dollar tree I am working with the new SM it is obvious the title has gone over his head but I am being patient and I do have faith on my Lord God that something it is going to give…

    my co-workers and I submitted our concerns to HR and as result on this coming up Tuesday 4/13/21 there's going to be a re-set in our district.
    I will wait to see what this re-set means…

    But this message agrees with what I am feeling for… it is time to move on and it is time for a change in my professional career…get out of this comfortable zone.

    God bless us all
    Thank you so much…♥️

  3. I don't intend to get aggravated frustrated about the waiting it just seems like I've been in the shift in the shaking for so many years sometimes feel stuck in a situation that even daddy can't get you out it might have to be yourself

  4. I think if I had 1 store I would feel blessed. The lady had 36 and felt she couldn't live with the issue?
    I mean…?
    There are people who cannot afford food for the day, much less 36 days.
    Someone help me understand how that lady had a real problem?
    I'm not trying to be mean. I'm trying to see how a person with 36 stores doesn't have enough income.
    Goodness gracious.

  5. Morey Cabrera
    "Mandatory masks violate the First Amendment right to speech, assembly, and especially association and mandatory masks violate a person’s constitutional right to liberty and to make decisions about their own health and bodily integrity."

  6. Am I wrong?
    Im really tired… my health has been bad for years…

    Today my mom treated me with doubt and I hate it because she blames me for "working for my father". Reality is … people's beliefs about me shouldn't bother me. I feel she treats me like a garbage bin.

    Dumping her negativity, doubts, etc on me. And my siblings.

    I realized once again I was wrong to bark at her….. but but but

    I got TGRIGGERED by her badly.

    It was like I was not going to hear her stupid lies and her always feeling sorry for herself.

    She's always been focused on her issues, problems WHAT ABOUT ALL THE BLESSINGS!!!

    Gosh. I just wouldn't shut up today and I told her I'm not angel so STOP treating me like you can always dump things on me! I'm not God.

    I'm just a human being.

  7. Your messages have totally changed my over view about life and the way i live my life now… I continue to believe and trust God to shower me and everyone reading this with abundance of blessings Amen.

  8. Thank you Pastor Joel for your encouraging message . Presently my husband has resigned from his job . We're in uncertainty now but still believe that God will lead us into our Canaan and guide us with His pillar of cloud and fire ahead of us. Please do remember us in your prayers . Bless you

  9. A big miracle is going to happen. A great joy and victory is up ahead. The best days are in front of us. We are going to laugh and love unconditionally. Thank you God

  10. I'll be honest, i dont know where else to ask so i hope
    this commentsection has some people
    who can differenciate right from wrong.
    If any comment-section, it should be this one, i thought.

    Point is:
    Wow. I just found a yt-channel
    that is really incredible and has the Audacity to
    literally be called 'Normalizing Nudity'.
    It has made its channel-concept just Nude Woman (and only woman,
    which alone is telling, aye?).

    Every single Video should be reported, as well as the channel.
    Hope this aint too much to ask of you, but i hope you find
    the time and spine. Not anyone has the spine to report to help
    the plattform and its users, after all…
    Normalizing nudity on youtube (woman only, noteworthy…) is
    just so wrong.

    Hope you find the time.
    But even if not: Have a nice day.

  11. God is speaking to me through your message as a prophesy to make things happen which I can't. This shaking is to make a shifting is coming g . So that I am thanking God for the shift is coming to do the impossible to be done


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