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What are the weapons of our warfare?
1. Truth – Eph. 6:14
2. Righteousness – Eph. 6:14
3. The gospel – Eph. 6:15
4. Faith – Eph. 6:16
5. Salvation – Eph. 6:17
6. The word of God – Eph. 6:17


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Comment (25)

  1. God bless you Sir. Thanks for this insightful message. I am blessed, lord strengthen my absolute obedience to your word at all times. Thank you lord.

  2. Oh wow! This is my first time here and I don't know how I got here but I am grateful to God. Thank you the teaching Pastor David, his is exactly what I need.

  3. Great teaching sir. This serves as an eye opener and spiritual awakening for me. I'm listening from Sierra Leone. Sir, with reference to our first weapon of investing ourselves in the word and not twisting the scriptures to suit our convenience I am troubled by three scriptures.
    Sir would you kindly help me understand Exo. 33:5-6, 2Tim.2:9-10 and 1Pt.3:3-7?

    Sir my take on these scriptures concerning our dress code is that I don't understand Exo.33:5-6 to be that we should not wear jewelry, sir I also don't understand 2Tim.2:9-10 and 1Pt. 3:3 that it is sinful to plait our hair and wear jewelry.
    My take is that these are not the adornment that will count before the Lord as good works but the state our heart for the things of God. Howbeit, I keep wondering if I'm not in err in my understanding. I keep pondering if am not straying from the right path by me wearing jewelry, plaiting my hair/not covering my hair and wearing trousers (much as I try to convince myself that I pay attention to what kind of trousers I wear and when)

    Sir, am I deceiving myself with this kind of understanding. Have I twisted the scriptures to suit my convenience?
    I know the Holy Spirit is my teacher but I'm looking up to you.
    Thank you sir and may the Lord Jesus Christ richly reward you and family both in the now and hereafter for taking out time to unveil the scriptures to us, although it is with regret I say that is my first time to stumble upon your teachings. Episode 24 can you imagine!

  4. Today is my first day of watching school of tyranus. The teaching is life transforming..I have been really empowered to live the Overcomers' life.
    Thanks sir for your sacrifice and dedication to this…
    Please I would like to be a regular student of this school.
    Can I get the school timetable?

  5. May the Lord grant you according as it's written in verse 19 of the same Eph. 6. Add more grace and strength to your inner man in the NAME of JESUS the CHRIST. Amen.

  6. i have been blessed by this message in a way that is unexplainable,may Almighty God continue to strengthen you sir…is there a way i can send u message sir ?whether mail or any platform,will really appreciate. School of Tyrannus has been a blessing


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