The Revelation of Honor – Guillermo Maldonado

The Restoration and Revelation of Honor.
What is honor?
Honor comes from the word “Kabod”
Kabod means the weighty presence of God. (Matthew 6:9-10)
Honor is a form of demonstrating value, appreciation, worthy, affirmation, respect, consideration.
Honor has to become a personal revelation to you for you to practice it.
Honor speaks of how you think and how you value God.
Until a person has the revelation of honor they will not value God and you will never trust God as your source.Wherever you honor you show appreciation and value. When you don’t value something you don’t honor it.
Honor has to be discerned. The first key is to discern who God is and to discern is perceive and see spiritually. It goes beyond the physical. Honor is discerning. Honor is never demanded! Honor must be given voluntarily. When you see God in a man you will Honor them.

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  1. I love your preaching man of God, I even learned how to speak in tougues right in Africa Botswana. I honour the word you preach, it dwells in me. May the Lord pour in more blessings unto you to win more souls to the kingdom of God

  2. Hallelujah thanks pastor pastor please pray for you my son Jay Siya Shiva and mounting and temperature all night and all day and please pray for you my son Jesus I am and I am Pakistan I am aurat


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