The Rapture Controversy – Dr. Lester Sumrall

Dr. Lester Sumrall settles the #rapture controversy once and for all in this classic message on the last days and the rapture of the church.

Will there be a rapture? Who will qualify? All this and more in this timeless teaching by Dr. Lester Sumrall.

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  1. "Clearly" misinterprets 1Thess. 4: caught up is in the SPIRIT. The "cloud" means "crowd". The dead in Christ is the subject of this whole passage. Of course they rose first because they're already gone. We won't NEED to go anywhere (until that NEW Earth is finished). Please read Zechariah 14 and 1 Corinthians 15:52 again. If we are changed at the LAST TRUMP (literally, furthest one out in the Greek), that is the very end of this age. Satan's number is six, and Christ's is seven. Satan is here in the sixth trumpet, and would have absolutely no reason to come after all Christians are already gone. He deceives the wishy-washy church–those who THINK their Lord comes first.

  2. Those among you that think the church goes through ANY part of the tribulation, you are mistaken. I am including a video link, because it would take me all day to type this out & my typing skills are not my strongest attribute. There are many who speak on this, but I believe this video will express what I want to say here. It is an hour long, but if you genuinely hunger for this knowledge, please take the time to view it in its entirety. Please watch with an open mind. Upon its conclusion, use scripture, not presupposition to form an opinion. Also allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, not me or this video.
    Most importantly, God Bless you

  3. Dispensation/ pre tribulation rapture is nonsense. Thanks to Darby in the 1800s
    80% of Christians in the U.S are deceived. Of course Jesus returns!! ONCE..AFTER the tribulation/ Matthew 24. The " pre trib. RAPTURE is imposed onto the scripture. The ones " taken up"
    first are taken in judgment. (as in the days of Noah)

  4. Absolutely spot on. Rapture is Jesus in the air. Second coming is with the Church on the earth. The Church must be removed with the Holy Spirit first before the Tribulation starts. We as the Church will not go through the Tribulation. Got to get the sequence of events in the right order.

  5. I'm sorry pastor but you are incorrect the Lord is not going to come in a secret Rapture. What you are describing is a secret Rapture that is not biblical. The Bible says all eyes will see him and hear him. There is no secret Rapture taking the people first and then people coming back later no siree everything happens at the same time so unfortunately even though I would love to get away from the tribulation we may experience the first three and a half years of the tribulation or I could be there till the end on that I'm not sure about with the timing but most definitely there will be no silent Rapture and a free pass for us all, which is what you're describing and again not found in the Bible.

  6. Hello you all… The dead in Christ are people who are alive, living among us, are friends family and neighbors..they are not in the he ground… No people will come out of the grave, most people I talk to, in the first 5 minutes they use the Lord's name in vain, they don't have any respect for Jesus, and atheists,and back slidden church folks, these are the dead in Christ… At the 6 trumpet the Antichrist shows up and his promises is that I've come to rapture you away if you will just say you love me and that person will be giving their hearts to the devil.. then the 7th trumpet sounds and the real Christ returns.. and these folks are ashamed to see they were serving the false Christ…the bride is the group of people who do not fall for this lie and are true Virgin ,and then the marriage supper commences.. ok no rapture.. Noah was in the storm , they did not leave the earth, they went thru the storm

  7. I sat under this great man's ministry a couple of times. Once around 1967 he was holding a revival. He prayed for a child that had been a poster child for cerebral palsy. The child walked away without braces or crutches.

    This being 2020 it was about 1978 ot 1980 about 38 to 40 years ago Dr. Summeral was again holding a revival when he laid hands on my own child who had been suffering with back pain. He had her sit on the front pew and had her rest her heels in the palm of his hands as he prayed for her healing. It had been her idea to be prayed for. She was 9 or 10 at the time. As he prayed both my daughter and I watched as her shorter leg grew about 1 or 2 inches to match the length of the longer leg. If we both had not seen it we would have been harder to believe it.

    The best part of this true story is… she never complained of back pain again. Praise Jehovah God and thank you Jesus for the stripes you took gor our divine healing.

  8. To be sure that we will be raptured, we must follow to the best that we can, by God's grace, all of Jesus' commandments. So we must know and understand it first, all of God's will in the Bible. Rev. 12: "He make war with the remnant of her SEED, (the Man-Child that will be caught up, the Church), who keeps the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ, (which is the Spirit of prophecy of Rev.19). If the remnant is the description stated, so is the the seed Man-Child, because they are both the same since they were all begotten by the same Woman of Rev.12:1. May all of those who will read this be enlightened.

  9. Wow….all of these comments are even more confusing….. every single person has a different opinion…. and they all have all this ton of detailed, questionable information, and it's like a total gigantic mess of confusion………..ughhhhhh

  10. Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. (Matthew 24:29-31 KJV)

  11. Im old enough to remember hearing Lester Sumrall say "the Lord told him that He would RETURN… in his lifetime"… so did he misunderstand the Lords meaning??? and the Lord would come for Lester at his death…and so the Lord did..but it was a personal Rapture…and NOT a secret rapture of the Church…. that is unBiblical…the Time of Jacob's Trouble was 70AD ..the dead that rose first were the 1 million Israelites that were "Raptured"…and later when the Believer dies they are caught up to be with the Lord forever

  12. Damninations , i mean denominations are mentioned in revelation after chapter 4 despite many saying the church is never mentioned again . Thats not a correct statement the churches (most denominational leader ships) are mentioned as united and called the great whore of babylon . The virgin bride indeed gone the great whore will be destroyed . God said – Come out of her – meaning the great whore (fakes) The Lord doesn't know the rolls of church denominations , He has his book of Life and the Father made the Lord Jesus , the judge of both the living and the dead . Knowing Christ Jesus is great , Him knowing you is becoming His creation.

  13. Man of Dr Lester Summeral thinks things were bad before he left this world what would he think of things in 2020. Wicked wicked world it's become. Well I hope your all ready brothers and sisters. Jesus is coming soon. Even so come Lord Jesus.

  14. Cares of this world had me like that. I thank God for crisis that caused me to get rid of my vehicle so I have no car payments, no insurance payments, no oil change, registration, licenses payments omg I just take uber to work. Now I have more time to read and study and pray. Thank you Lord


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