The Prophetic Season – Living Large | Dr. Bill Winston

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  1. Amen to all man & woman
    God is not a man
    Call onto your destiny & faith will give you the perspective your character needs in order to fulfill you a clean, positive personality that can endureth a lifelong achievement of self-preservation.
    No food, no watch, no words, no time of day and night can be affected when you have a mind of self-righteousness.

  2. I decree God is promoting me right now,whatever has been harassing me will not harasses me no longer,am free from harassment. And whatever stole from me and whoever is been stealing is about to be revealed. God's plan for my life is coming to pass today. I receive it in Jesus name.

  3. No more harassment. What God has said I believe in Jesus name and every other word if it's not what He says it's a lie. You PREACHED!

  4. 33 comments and only a few showing. This mog is awesome and I receive every bit of this word. Praise God! Who wants to live below what God says we are to live. Keep pushing it someone's going to get it, sure has pushed me sir!


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