The Power of Tithe – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

One of the irreversible laws of receiving tangible blessings from the LORD is the LAW OF TITHING.
God in His generosity asks us to SOW our TITHE (the one tenth of our earnings)

This sermon will help people to understand the necessity of the tithe and offering and how they will bring a refreshing to their lives.

Recorded live During TREM Kingdom Life World Conference

Little Bio of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo:

Matthew Ashimolowo has been the Senior Pastor of KICC since 1992. He has a dynamic gifting to combine his calling as a Pastor and teacher, with the roles of mentor, businessman and spiritual father.

During more than 30 years in the ministry, Pastor Matthew has given countless people the spiritual and practical foundation on which to successfully build their lives. An inspiring visionary, Pastor Matthew launched the UK’s first church-owned television channel, KICC TV, and his television and radio ministry Winning Ways is a source of inspiration and deliverance for the millions it reaches across the globe.

As an award-winning and prolific author, Pastor Matthew has published more than 90 books, including “The Power of Positive Prayer Bible” and the pioneering ‘What’s Wrong With Being Black?’ – a book hailed for ‘reaching the parts community campaigners cannot reach’. Pastor Matthew constantly challenges believers to become the best they can be.

Honored several times as the most influential black person in the public sector/religion category in the Power List, Pastor Matthew’s influence on church growth and evangelism has been noted by local and international news media. A successful businessman, he is recognized as one of the most exciting and inspiring Christian voices on the world scene today.

His influence on church growth and evangelism has guaranteed countless requests for his comments by a variety of mainstream media including BBC TV and Radio, Sky News, The Times and Guardian broadsheet newspapers, as well as a broad spectrum of Christian and faith-based publications.

As a respected leader, Pastor Matthew sits on the Board of Reference for God TV and is considered a Christian thought leader, Biblical scholar and media commentator on a variety of issues that have left indelible marks on modern society.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the Senior Pastor of King-sway International Christian Center.


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Comment (24)

  1. Pastor you need to be educated and JESUS CHRIST never talked of tithes and so you should not,I will follow JESUS CHRIST not pastor obsessed with money

  2. Tithe was never for Pastors but only levites.
    Free will giving is our Covenant ..
    Open heaven is law under grace we live from heaven. We are seated with CHRIST
    Hebrews 4:16
    King James Version
    16 Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. not pay Tithe
    We all were called to Ministry and are all Priests in GOD eyes..

  3. Giving more so that you will get even much more from God is a prosperity gospel. Be careful. This is the epitome of pagan beliefs. See how the pagans give to their gods during their festivals. They give very lavishly in the hope that their god of properity or god of money will bless them financially and bring prosperity to them.

  4. The truth about tithing:
    1. It was introduced by Abraham but only once Abraham tithed in his lifetime and that tithe did not come from the increase of the land as requested by God. Abraham's tithe came from the spoils of war after he defeated the five kings and took their spoils. That was not the tithe mentioned in Numbers, Leviticus and Deuteronomy or in the New Testament either.
    2. There were 5 types of tithing:
    – Levitical Tithing
    – Priestly Tithing
    – King's Tithing
    – Poor's Tithing
    – Feast Tithing
    3. All the tithings above were never about money at all though money already existed long before that. Abraham was a super rich man at that time but he did not give the tithe to Melchizedek in monetary form. Money were called shekels and denari at that time. If God reqeusted tithing in the form of money, He would already said so but He said bring the produce of the land to His house.
    4. Tithing was from the increase of the produce of the land: animals and plants.
    5. Therefore only ranchers and farmers needed to tithe at that time. Not all Israelites. Other professions were NOT requested to tithe at that time.
    6. Tithes were to be kept in the physical storehouse in the temple of God in Jerusalem, not in a church building. Where is the physical storehouse and temple of God now?
    7. Tithes were to be given only to the Levites and their priests for they did not have land heritance from God. All the other tribes of Israel were given land as their inheritance except the Levites. Why? Because the Levites had to serve only God in the temple of God in Jerusalem so they and their families needed the tithes to sustain their lives.
    8. The whole book of Malachi was talking about the Levites and their priests who stole the tithes from God. God was not talking to us, the Church Age Christians.
    9. In Matthew 23: 23 – 24, Jesus was talking to those scribes and Pharisees who claimed to be practising the Law of Moses but cheated when giving their tithes. Even though they were super rich, they tithed by giving mint, anise and cummin which were only wild herbs that grew wildly behind their houses. They who preached tithing to the Jews but cheated the tithes themselves. Jesus was actually rebuking their attitudes. Jesus did not propose tithing when He was talking to them.
    10. Galatians 3: 10 – 13 says those who still chose to live by the Mosaic Law or Old Testament Law must practise all of them if not they would be cursed. Therefore, if one chose to tithe, make sure he also must observe all the other laws and statues of the Old Testament, or else he is cursed. Do you know how many laws are they in the Mosaic Law? Too many. You who still chose to tithe, make sure you do all of the laws or else you will be cursed.
    11. Jesus came to perfect the law by sacrifising Himself on the cross. He put an end to the law and that goes to the law of tithing too. Read Romans 10: 4. If you tithe you make His sacrifice on the cross totally in vain.
    12. Not tithing does not mean we are not giving to God. Tithing is only 10%. We give offering to God in replace of tithing. Offering can be less than 10% or much more than 10%. It can be 50%, 70% or even 100%. Give to God with a cheerful heart, NOT out of compulsion or with a dreadful heart. Give as God purposed it in your heart to give. Tithing is a bondage. Offering is out of worship, love for God and freewill. Firstfruit and tithing are two different matters. Children of God, read your Bible always and diligently. You must read all of it, not Touch n Go here and there.

  5. Tithe with blood of animal or tithe with blood of Jesus sorry tithe is not for the church we give more and more for the church activities but not Tithe

  6. There's no such thing as a biblical tithe that was received from earned monetary wages and the tithe indictments in Malachi 3 were specifically directed towards the Levitical Priesthood (read Malachi 2:1). There's no such thing as a biblical monetary blessing for giving money to a religious institution, nor is there any biblical curse for not doing so. The biblical ceremonial and civil ordinances that facilitated tithing under Mosaic Law are obsolete. We are free to give, not bound to pay.

  7. This pastor is one amongst the most hateful, manipulative, xenophobic and fake people hiding behind the pulpit. It's shocking when you see people thinking they're smart listening to such person who're being used by the devil.

  8. Praise God, Thank you Sir, for the Powerful Revelation of God in the subject of Tithing..
    We Bless you Lord for the Visitation through your Man of God, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo sir..
    We will never forget such Inspiration.. Thank you again…

  9. halloo kicc people my name is RUTENDO am from Zimbabwe i jus want to thank you for coming to Zimbabwe and give us medicine may the lord bless you i was suffering from ulcer i couldn't afford some medicine but you and your people came and give us medicine and food i wish to see you one day thats my wish be be blessed


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