The Power of the Blood – Joel Osteen

In the Old Testament, the only way to have forgiveness for sins was to sacrifice an animal. Without the shedding of blood, there was no remission for sin. But Jesus came and shed His blood as a final covering for our sins.

Second Corinthians 5:19 says, “God restored the world to Himself, no longer counting your sins against you. He has blotted them out.”

Because of Jesus, we have freedom and forgiveness today! Yet many people are living with guilt and condemnation because of past mistakes even after they’ve asked for forgiveness. Do you need to let go of past mistakes and guilt today? Let this message remind you of God’s great grace for your life so that you can rise to a new level!

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  1. If every person who has seen this shared it with just one person who is in doubt or lost. The Spirit of the Lord without a doubt will move upon their hearts! This sermon is packed with just absolute wisdom! Let’s do our part and spread this wisdom! God bless you all!

  2. I am so inspired by this message. Pastor Joel Osteen talking and mentioning about Jesus is so wonderful. Only the name Jesus has all authority. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

  3. THE POWER OF NOW – Eckhart Tolle. There is only the now. No present or future, just now. This present moment. Everything else is mental, the history you believe shapes you, the future you project. Mental. There is only now.

  4. What a beautiful powerful message, The world is just so blessed by the sacrifice of our LORD JESUS CHRIST! Thank you Pastor Joel. One of my favourite verses, Ex 12:13; I know it's the answer to being protected from Covid 19. Thank you ❤️ from Fiji islands. GOD Bless.


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