The Power of Prayer & Praise Vol 3 | Dr. Bill Winston

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  1. Love how Dr. Winston brings the Word of God to life! In one sermon, he said “You can take this entire passage and become debt-free, SUPERNATURALLY!” Work God!

  2. This is very on point for me rn! I was looking for a bill winston video to watch and this immediately popped up without me clicking anything. Ironically Im in the same situation as the man, I have $115,000 in student loan debts. I am 2 weeks away until the govt starts asking for money but I currently dont have a job although i have been searching like crazy. Although god has been instilling in me to fully trust him with my debt! So i dont have to toil and barely make it, im believing that I am debt free and supernatural debt cancellation! Thank you Jesus

  3. With this preachings really I feel that my life has changed really. God is amazing. I love you Dr Winston may the Lord keep on increasing the blessing over your life.

  4. This is one of my favored message from Dr. Winston (but, there are so many that I listen to over and over.  He greatly use by God, I appreciate him sharing all his knowledge.  Thanks again.  You & your family be continually Blessed.


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