"The power of fasting!"- Pastor Paula White -9/15/2011

Pastor Paula White preaching about the power of fasting! Matthew 6 is our Constitution! If you are born again there is nothing impossible for you! The key is if God said ‘nothing is impossible’, how do we live in the realm of possibility…when we pray, when we fast, and when we give…this is a PRACTICAL word for the believer in CHRIST!

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  1. "We parish because of lack of knowledge"
    Says the woman who is forcing her delusions and lies on you… For a healthy paycheck! Shame on her and shame on you for not doing independent research on science, the history of your Bible, and the fact that there is no decent evidence to support the existence of God

  2. I guess it's my duty to inject some science and critical thinking into your pathetic lives… Fasting is medically proven to cause hallucinations and delusions! While you're fasting you are not seeing God you're not speaking to Jesus you're not having any Supernatural experience, you were simply suffering from lack of nutrients to your brain, nothing more nothing more nothing more

  3. We do not fast to GET something from the God of Yisra'el, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Yehovah Tzeva'ot. We fast to afflict our souls!! To see where we are in sin and to repent teshuvah and come back into covenant with Yehovah, through His son Yeshua Ha Massiach that REDEEMS us with HIs blood!!!. Yehovah is not a genie that you rub to get what you want. Stop this nonsense. It is an offering I bring to my Eloheim so I may, not can, but MAY come into His presence to fellowship with HIM!!!

  4. mhm But Fasting has no power by itself, the title is a crap, Remember Isaiah 58 the Lord says: Because u do not fast as this day needs it.. and follows the why and the how.. But it's obvious Fasting has no power by itself but the state of mind and the heart and actions can make somethg much better according to the Lord

  5. How much have you in your bank accounts Paula ..pray with fasting ? How about prayer in God's love…something you have never known….empty words, empty vessel Paula ..without God's Love you are an empty clanging bell…knowing God's love inside us is the real power…did Jesus have as much as you have in his bank account when preaching his father's will…get well soon Paula…

  6. 2020 and i'm here listening to this
    The word of God is powerful
    I need a prayer partner
    Im kay, female Nd from Nigeria
    Sick and tired of living below average
    I need jesus!

  7. Prosperity preaching under the umbrella of Jesus. Friends the spirit and word being Christ also teaches us discernment and friends I see the fruit of this abomination. I will not be fasting for her but pray for her true salvation.


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