The Power of a Blood Covenant | Guillermo Maldonado

The blood covenant is such a crucial message for today.
When crisis hits the earth, men look for two things: security and trust.
We are facing circumstances today that are above and beyond men’s ability to resolve.
This is why we need a blood covenant!
A covenant with God is activated through obedience. And it’s made legitimate by three things: God’s promises, the blood of Jesus and the seal of the covenant.
A covenant releases supernatural protection and by His blood is what preserves us through a crisis.
Check out my message from this Sunday on this the power of keeping covenant with God and the benefits. Share this with someone!

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  1. Heavenly Father I thank you for Apostle Guillermo Maldonado teaching I ask that you continue to keep him in communing prayer daily in your word (studying, and meditating,) and I thank you for the revelation knowledge of your word to your church.And may you continue to bless him, his wife, and his children.


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