The Origins Of The Deep State – Rodney Howard Browne on The Jim Bakker Show

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    Why isn't Juneteenth  an American National Observance like MLK Day is…Congress passed the bill 20+ years ago?

  2. Jesus warned us this would happen when he exhibited an angry violent response to the Money Changers (Bankers) in the Temple by overturning their tables and throwing them out.

  3. City of London > autonome territory
    Vatican-Rome > autonome territory
    Washington > autonome territory
    BIS/Basel > autonome territory

    who made it?

  4. I AM living.  When anyone takes Me into themselves, they receive life, My Life.
    No one who is caught in sins snare can truly say they do these things because they enjoy them.  They do them because they are a slave to them, and they (the sin) dictate to them what they must do.  The pleasure is never enough, for it quickly subsides and the craving and desperation only increases.
    I AM the power that has overcome sin.  But no one can gain the access to this power until they give to Me their lives.  What does this involve?  Surrender.  Conceding.  Placing the life that you live into My Hands, and no longer living to serve your own needs.  It is the giving up of all that has a hold of you, and all that you have a hold of.
    I will deliver all from the snare that has you bound – ONLY when you agree to My terms.  This is what it means to ‘lose your life, so you may gain (true) life.  I can only enter into lives that will yield to Me and turn from the old life of sin and I will give to you what you need, the forgiveness of sin and the power to overcome.
    The world is not your friend, so you cannot treat it as such.  For in it are traps that will snare you over and over again as long as you continue to take part in it.  I will protect only those who walk in My direction.  For you to walk in your own way and the way of the world is to leave My protective hand that is upon you.
    Look at your life and throw out what needs to be thrown out.  Walk away from friendships and acquaintances that need to be walked away from.  Remove yourself from places that are places of great temptation.  Stop watching and looking at things that are temptations on your tv’s, computers and phones. Cut off all that is the source of your sin.
    Realize that your life is a battle ground, and to win and overcome you must fully be on My team.  To be on the enemy’s side as well, is to be defeated already.  For I will not work on your behalf if you continue to play in the enemy’s camp.
    I will strengthen anyone who is serious in wanting to gain the freedom I give.  I will deliver you, only if you truly want it.
    The forces against you, to destroy you are not child’s play – they mean to kill you, to take you down into the depths of hell.  This is the fight of your life, but you will win – if you let Me be not only your Savior but your Lord and Master.  For right now, you are the slave of Satan, who hates you, do not be deceived to think otherwise.
    Homosexuality, sexual perversion, pornography and fornication are forces that have a hold of many.  They are very vast and great in power.  Depression, hopelessness and fear have taken over many of lives.   These strongholds all have succeeded a great deal of harm, deceit and dismay – but I AM greater.  I call to you who are caught in the trap that has been laid for you.  Do you want to be free?  I offer you life, My Life – to take so you may overcome and live.  Be no longer under this spell.  Time is now for your freedom.
    Come before Me, and ask Me for what I offer you.  Ask Me for My life.  Give to Me your life.  And you will receive Me.  Repent, and this is to turn away from the old to embrace the new.  Do not hurry Me, in this.  Do not think that since you asked I will wave a magic wand over you.  Seek Me in all you know how to.  For this is what I look for, hearts that are serious in their pursuit of their God.  I will come, and you will know that I AM your God.

  5. I have love for America, but to be naïve to the Freemasonic roots of many of our founding fathers is to be ignorant of spiritual matters. We serve an eternal King, and an eternal Kingdom.

    The end goal is not to be "good American Republicans", the end goal is to be a lovesick Bridge of Jesus Christ washed white by the holy blood of Jesus Christ!

  6. The message to the world in these last days is something to REMEMBER….and we only have to be aware of the Jews to know it…. Martin Luther would be so disappointed to know Protestants have joined hands with the Church of Rome again….Don't be fooled by this so called "Family" Day & Global warming reasons…sundown Friday to sundown Saturday is the day of REST that Our Creator told us to REMEMBER….No one can change GOD'S LAW. Anyone that joins themselves to the true SABBATH is promised a Blessing….for this is like the ARK in these last days …. to see you through, just like Noah's Flood was the ARK in the days of old. Please water these seeds Lord and let them bear fruit to your glory….

  7. Now we are seeing things unravelling, Truth is beginning to surface. Free masonry once very powerful. But, it is gradually losing it's grip in many area. There's yet another"Order" coming upon the World.

  8. this is GREAT.. Pastor Rodney has a Vital True Word of the Lord.. the ROOT to all problems, and every Believer must know These things, to Fully set people Free and into Gods kingdom and out of the world system

  9. I wrote a book almost two years ago, inspired by the Holy Spirit, that details what Browne is just now revealing in his new book. I also wrote about many more events, since this nations founding, outlining why, when, and how the US is being taken down.


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