The Mystery of the Shemitah

God is the one true God and we need to keep our hearts turned toward Him. Join Kenneth Copeland and his special guest, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, today for insight into the majesty and the mercy of God. Next, on the Believer’s Voice of Victory.


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  1. The Shemitah is integral to the economic recovery of the Nation. Our upcoming Shemitah in the US is beginning 2021, September 6th – ending 2022, September 25 (starting 5781, Elul 29 – finishing 5782, Elul 29).

  2. Thanks so much for your obedience and ministry! We all need to pray out loud psalms 109 to the Lord as one nation until we see the salvation of the Lord! We ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord & savior! God bless you all!

  3. GOD bless you from 911,to coronavirus and beyond GOD has set rules and standards for us. I thank GOD for Jonathon and Dr. Myles Monroe and others that show us God's straight way. Thankyou HOLY SPIRIT.

  4. I am so blessed to have found Rabbi Johnathan. I first watched him on "Return" in September.
    I am reading the Torah and have found much love and enlightenment.

  5. Wow no wonder my father and uncle love Jonathan Cahn. He has connected so much. Anyone else tired of this corrupted world and ready for Jesus to come back?

  6. So I do get it we are in the way of scumbag presidents in the background thank you God for Donald J trump our president keep him in office I plead with you please keep him in office I haven't turned the corner against Donald J Trump thank you

  7. Thank You Dear Redeener for a good shepherd. Great Good Shepherd. Sweet Peace i. have in this earth especially at this time of unrest in the political because You have Blessed him to help souls such as mine Your wheat. Thank You for keeping we Your children. Your Meecy endures FOREVER. THANK YOU HOLY ONE of Israel

  8. Nicodemus did not understand how to be born again. So Jesus further said you must be born again of water and spirit a process called baptism. They have also baptism of water and spirit on Noahs flood and Jewish circumcision is a form of shedding of blood baptism because Jesus was circumscise after 8th day of birth

  9. I have learned so much about God's word from Rabbi Cahn. I pray God will bless him and his family. Come quickly Lord Jesus! Thank you Oh God my creator.

  10. I just got both of your books. Jonathan I just want you to know you have open my eyes in a whole different way .I almost passed away in November. I had a pain pump taken out and went into a lot of seizures. I never once had any before. That open my eyes big time but your books really open my eyes I have always believed in Jesus and God but I got to see Jesus I was on a ventilator I was dying and he come to me.I known about the end of the world and I know it's coming soon and I wanna get saved and I wanna meet you so bad how can I go by meeting you?


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