The Most Important Word — Rick Renner – Ephesians 6

Learn from Rick Renner today as he teaches us about spiritual warfare from the book of Ephesians. Discover more at

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  1. The power of CHRIST JESUS Blood opening defeated the satanic blood covenant with Shoel and the substance and physilogical damage of the blood thirsty antagonist. Described Isaiah 28v15. Deut 28v13 we are from above and not below. Matt 26v28 Zech 9 v 11, 1 Cor 11 v 25 Heb 10 v29. So people don't come under fear of horror or snakes. We denounce Satan, serpents and horror movies causing fear and embrace the perfect blood covenant of CHRIST JESUS-and the forgiveness of our sins Matt 26v28-AMEN

  2. Pastor Rick, this teaching is exceptional in showing us just how much words and their meaning matter especially in light of scripture.
    JESUS said 'My people perish through lack of knowledge'.
    It is such a blessing to have such rich interpretation applied to GOD's Word.
    GOD Bless you.

  3. I have never in my life seen so many people that are deceived. I have had them comment to me and tell me how wrong i am when i tell people what the word of God says so then i would ask them are you a born again Christian if so how did that come about. They wouldnt answer. Why? because they wasnt saved but trying to tell Christians how to live and what the bible scriptures mean when they have no clue what they are talking about. The have deceived them self. I would ask do you go to Church they wouldnt answer. They stop with the comments. Why play Church do people think thats getting them anywhere with God. Paul said be not deceived.

  4. What a blessing. As a ardent bible student, I have chosen to stick with Pastor Rick’s teachings because of the clarity and precision he employs in biblical interpretation. There are so many preaching voices today, but pastor Rick is the most balanced. The beauty is that he has the gift of converting complexity into simplicity, just like Jesus who was so simple but deep(not shallow).


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