The Law of Favor Pt. 3 | Believer's Walk of Faith

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  1. I THANK GOD for favor to get that right high paying job of $100.00 an hour an $100.00 a day and $1000.00 an hour an $1000.00 a day an my 6 children an thier divine destiny spouse. That is with training an paid schooling an transportation of our own choice an debt free.
    I thank GOD for FAVOR that HE has bestowed upon me. That way to the top!

  2. The wicked feel entitled and have ransacked redone rewritten obstructed every detail included educating records cucumbers emails texts even followed gps to block opportunity silence ppl warn threaten to not assist and block opps for us 11 years teach training negative smear campaigns and objectified conclusively abhorrent detailed identity abuses and exclusive broadcasts. Chasing past every day events detail every moment lived their versions bc they feel entitled. Pressed advertising layering tampering and gross injustices to very violent barbaric collective agreements Ebert agree gatherd nighttime my home breaking entering ransacking and daily listen watch camera systems even when in hotels everywhere we go! Feverishly indecently searched ppl past present to gift with ability technology affiliati for cyber stalk target practice breaking entering training Intel rewritten fictitious records created padded cyber stalk layered in advertising marketing means to teach international sales opps. Physical social occupational religious familiar medical funfair educatoional accomplishments ownership history sucrose removed erased while editing altering alerting for anyone everywhere enlist in damage drama frustrating mixing intimidating attacks. Hijack sexualized spreading launch their products..mai fraud collective agreements unconsconable gathering all ages all ppl Diety to laity hoodlums dealers building their empirical system attacks fraud rewriting profiles VITIATING LIVES INTENTIONALLY! EXTENSIVE abuses THEIR OWN PERSONAL orders demands betrayals chiseling grades of son y? To showoff capability! Alter truth documrnts history stalk block subdue zapped gassed and drugged injected several times breaking entering tertiary to notify even don't care if home! Good strung witnesses reduced intentionally. Spoke blessing daily and protections instead for ungodly ppl with some churched attacking so completely reduced rewired to neighbors who constantly upload threaten and beat us violently attack. Negative smear rewriting disallowing necessities of life. Broadcast their footage even in hotel rooms cctv post edited versions. I believe they variable worse for their favor?? Ppl Obey ads offers promo coders developers demands! Horrific violent misdeeds revisions canvassing daily intentional baiting others to intimidate discuss showoff ability using US! 11 YEARS GROSS INJUSTICES. Bleeding returns from their petting barbaric feeds many ppl presented for open humilating permanent access torture!! Unethical amoral indecent revised authored created files impersonated inserted every change could micromanage. Hoodlums druuged subdues zap gassed doctored professional assisted accosted living for demonstrating & rewards. Obstructing jobs financial credit history cards files gamers beating up within hinge breaking in regularly tortured lives victimized every walk of life included and relay teams emcee enc brosdcast upload privacy invasion wifi disservice OCCUPY states international prn their businesses. tertiary tasks horrifically constantly monitor to drive hardships complete vitiation severe suffering damage absolute sexualized spreading hotels cctv launch them while using ads offers promo rewards layering marketing tools with abuse upload share create reports and violate horrendously!

  3. I Decree and Declare Favor over my Lawsuits every Lawsuits is Won. God will Show me Favor on this Courtcase in Manhattan Supreme Court My Dislocated Shoulder Fracture and Nerve Damage Favor for 3 Million Dollars in Jesus Mighty name Amen Amen Amen!!!


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