The Key to Christian Life – Andrew Wommack at EMIC

Andrew Wommack teaching at Eagle Mountain International Church.


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  1. 44:00 Trust the mirror, that is the key to the Christian life
    48:49 The biggest part of the battle is knowing what you got.
    58:12 We ask for things we already got because we don't believe we have it. If you will exist centuries, might as well be that you know.

  2. Thank you Soo much Pastor Andrew.i read your book, body soul and spirit (an ebook from yr pastor in kampala****free of charge ) and I got delievarance from family strongholds and anger etc that had persisted in my life even when I saw pastors, prophets…and ended up in cults…i can't explain it…..i am not held hostage my emotions anymore…All I can say thank you for opening my eyes and my spiritual eyes…I am free and I walk in my freedom…May God continue to bless you..

  3. First 10 minutes is nothing but a shameless attempt glorify his own "righteousness". I can't even stand to listen to any more. How are so many people deceived? This guy is nothing but a narcissistic charlatan.

  4. I am so thankful to the Lord, that He gave such a gift of teaching in the face of Mr. Wommack, to the body of Christ! My life was totally liberated from confusion and transferred to the sphere of the Promise Land by the teachings of these powerful truths! May God continue to use this man “from glory to glory”!

  5. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! There stands these CREATURES waving their arms,
    twisting the WORD while showing off their charm.
    They're damning the sinner while claiming they save souls.
    (Thousands are vile pedophile serial sexual predator con artists)

    Living lives of MASSIVE >>><<< MEGA WEALTH with others TITHES meant for the sick and afflicted, their gains are their goals.
    Yelling "Pay us your SILVER, Give us your GOLD!
    Or for sure to the Devil your soul you have sold!*
    We're a POWER unleashed upon the face of this GLOBE!
    *YES, we're the PREACHERS/Pastors Standing Before YOU,
    in our supposed HUMBLE Ward ROBE*

  6. "Well, pull yer thumb outta yer mouth and grow up." Ha! I love Andrew's directness. I believe the Holy Spirit is exactly like that to believers. Grow up and get with it. God loves you dummy….lol so true. I've been a dummy many times and thank God He sees me as a child and lovingly forgives me because He is good and I count on His goodness to lead me.


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