The Invisible Boy (Documentary) Dr. Lester Sumrall

This is the true story of a boy who, through demonic influence, was able to become invisible to those around him. Verified by eyewitnesses and beautifully told by Dr. Lester Sumrall, this story will thrill your heart and encourage your faith as you see the power of God at work to set the captives free.

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  1. It was not the words that he said but the faith he retains when telling the devil to leave. Technically the Bible speaks that the blood can Not be proclaimed upon anyone. Christ blood is bound by the written word and the word says that it’s faith that a repentant person has and fruit/evidence by a life that does what Jesus says to do that brings the initial salvation. The blood power is remembered when we confess our sins because he is faithful and just to cleanse us again from all unrighteousness. New Testament shadows the old . The old had a sacrifice and water laver the fire of the Holy of Holies. Not to mention all of the parallels of the Holy place. Don’t think for one second that you could pick and choose….this was a package deal. Today’s salvation is the same as the old …’s a package deal. To “become “. The sons of God takes an action effort of doing what Jesus taught. Thus, Faith without this kind of works is dead.

  2. I’m soo glad to be able to see this video… I am currently in a class with his son called DEMONOLOGY AND DELIVERANCE ( @ EVANGEL CATHEDRAL BIBLE SCHOOL in Upper Marlboro, MD) and in class he refers to the movies his father created. This explains so much.


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