The Invisible Boy: Documentary by Dr. Lester Sumrall

The truth is many times stranger than fiction. This is the case with Cornelio Closa, Jr., “the invisible boy”. Cornelio Closa, Jr. was possessed of an evil spirit and became invisible under its power. Dr. Lester Sumrall gives an explanation of his encounter and prayer of deliverance for this tormented boy.

Download Brother Sumrall’s book Alien Entities” here:


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  1. This kind of explains the Missing 411 cases highlighted by David Paulides. In the documented cases people often strip off their clothing before they disappear. Survivors often complain about being hot and in a trance or taken somewhere.

  2. Thank you for putting many of Lester's teachings on here bless you in JESUS NAME as it is a great blessing to have such ministers to listen to today as we do not have many like this today :/


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