The Heart for Service | Guillermo Maldonado

What is the need for service and serving God?
God calls us for two things: for salvation and for service.
We cannot go beyond the level of your service.
That is why leadership in a person is developed from their service unto God and people and it is the place where our motives are revealed.
Why has the church lost the spirit of servanthood?
People are expecting payments and rewards from their service, but there is always a remnant who will always be in willingness to serve from their heart.
Many are seeking other alternatives, but the Word says to seek first the Kingdom of righteousness and all things shall be added.
Service comes from priority, people make excuses now not to serve God because their priorities are not in order.

There needs to be an urgency that is ignited in the heart of the people because service prepares us for the second coming of the Lord.
Where are you in serving God?
What is keeping you from it?
See today’s message for more important revelation on this topic.

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