THE HEALING ANOINTING | Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin | *(Copyright Protected)

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  1. Thankyou so much rhema for these wonderful teachings from my spiritual grandad. His voice is such a comfort to me when I have faced physical challenges. I know his voice brings truth based on gods word. And causes my faith to grow exceedingly. Thankyou with all my heart from new Zealand.

  2. No money can buy the re – print and sending on U–Tube of one of the great teachings, by a teacher of the FAITH MESSAGES FROM THE BIBLE. AFTER RBTC, life after these teachings, was not the same..We as students were so blessed to be taught by every lecturer from South Africa and abroad. Thankyou Lord Jesus for that privilege..

  3. This is an amazing message, thank God for his gift to the world, thank God and all the brethren for making his messages online, everlasting blessing are you bro Hagin.

  4. Thank you Rhema. Its amazing how its important to "renew these wonderful teachings" on the "anointing" for this last " great revival ". Southern Brazil, welcomes it !

  5. Thank the Lord y'all are reloading these videos! We almost cried when we thought that YouTube was doing away with Kenneth's videos. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Could y'all maybe upload "How To Write Your Own Ticket With God?" We loved those so much! God bless y'all!


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