The Eagles Anointing impartation service by Bis David Oyedepo



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  1. Thank you Father in heaven, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit. The Trinity in One .Thank you my Bishop David Oyedepo, thank you my mentor and confidant. I appreciate what God is using you to do for me.

  2. All what I need for the ministry God placed in my hand are ready till date because God started teaching me what to do. I have everything written out. I believe I will lack nothing to do the will of my Father. I really worked hard to have it set for implementation. God even revealed to me that THE MIGHTY ONE IS INSIDE ME. I PRAY THAT GOD WILL BRING OUT THE MIGHTY THINGS HE PUT IN ME IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

  3. Hello my friends, is everyone connected to the ark of our lord Jesus as the only way and only hope to enter the kingdom of God heaven. If not there's still time today to enter God's ark of holiness and righteousness, because tomorrow might be too late. Heaven and hell is very real and thousands of people especially women troop to hell everyday. Only very few makes it to heaven. The main reason being our love for earthly adornment and worldly lifestyles. Women have passion to be beautiful and perfect so much so that things like jewellery, make-ups, weave-ons and women wearing trousers are mostly our priorities in this life. However Our lord Jesus hates these life styles including naked dressing, altering or marking your body, enlarging your breasts and botox.. Hell description is worst than the worst horror movie we have ever watched. For confirmation please watch the young Korean artist experience of hell fire and also the voices of souls in hell taped by scientists excavating some underground before stumbling across graphic terrifying voices beneath our feet. Plus our sister Linda Paul Rika undying testimony from hell. These are three different experiences describing and confirming the horrors of hell. Our lord Jesus sheds tears of blood everyday watching his children being thrown to hell. Please my friends we all have to help because Lucifer and his demons are mocking our lord Jesus that his death on the cross was in vain. It's very clear that today we are all eating drinking and enjoying our lives without being aware that there is serious and worrying activities going on beneath our feet even today as we speak. Maybe we have lost some members of our family like our mother, father, sister, brother, children, uncle, aunt, neighbour, friends and work colleagues. Maybe they died without being well connected or committed to our lord Jesus and kingdom of God in heaven. They are in that horrible place called hell and the worst part is that it's for eternity. May our lord Jesus have mercy on us amen

  4. Glorious God,beautiful king, Excellent God,I bow before Your throne,Your name is Alpha,Omega,Ageless,Changeless, Almighty, Jehovah,Glorious God,I bow before Your throne….. Blessed be the name of the Lord,the King of all kings I bow before your throne today,tomorrow and evermore….Thank You Lord for all you have been doing in my life and that of my brethen and my kindred…blessed be your Holy name Lord. Motivanories Ministry int'l.


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